How to Draw a Pig

How to Draw a Pig

How to Draw a Pig

How to Draw a Pig

How to Draw a Pig
How to Draw a Pig
How to Draw a Pig How to Draw a Pig How to Draw a Pig How to Draw a Pig How to Draw a Pig

How to Draw a Pig

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Pigs are a very interesting subject to draw, because they have a simple body structure: like a barrel with a head and legs. This means that even if you’re a beginner, you can do a decent job of drawing a pig! In this tutorial I will show you how to do it step by step.

And if you’re interested in pigs in general and want to learn more about various species and anatomy, you can try this tutorial instead:

1. How to Start a Drawing of a Pig

Step 1

Draw an oval. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

draw pig torso

Step 2

Add a vertical oval to the front (for the shoulders) and a circle in the back (for the hips).

draw pig shoulders and hips

Step 3

If we want to include the third dimension in our drawing, we need to plan the perspective first. Draw a vertical line towards the “ground”, about half of the pig’s torso’s height. Then draw a cross on the ground using perspective.

draw persepctive grid for animal

Step 4

Draw basic “legs” between the body and the ground.

plan the pig legs

Step 5

Sketch the actual direction of the legs. Add a curly tail, too.

sketch the pig legs and tail

Step 6

Add two circles to the shoulder to simulate its muscles.

add simple pig shoudler muscles

Step 7

Add the muscles to the other shoulder, and one big muscle to the thigh.

add simple pig thigh muscle

Step 8

Add a huge, circular head right in the front. It should be slightly narrower than the rest of the body.

sketch the outline of pig head and body

2. How to Draw a Pig’s Legs

Step 1

Draw circular joints in the legs: the wrists and ankles.

draw pig leg joints

Step 2

Sketch the bottom of each hoof.

draw bottom of pig hooves

Step 3

Outline the hooves.

sketch pig hooves

Step 4

Add some muscles to the forearms and the calves.

draw pig leg muscles

Step 5

Add the “toes” at the back of each hoof.

draw back pig toes
finish pig back toes

Step 6

Split the hooves.

split pig hooves

Step 7

Outline the split hooves.

outline pig shooves

Step 8

Outline the rest of the legs.

finish pig legs

3. How to Draw a Pig’s Head

Step 1

Imagine the circle in the pig’s head is a sphere. Cut it in half.

cut pig head in half

Step 2

Attach a “cross” to the top of the head, creating the guide lines for the forehead, the eyes, and the snout.

draw a cross on top of head

Step 3

Draw small eye sockets.

sketch pig eye sockets

Step 4

Sketch the general shape of the snout.

sketch pig snout

Step 5

Draw a flat “nose bridge” on top of this snout sketch.

draw pig nose bridge

Step 6

Cut the snout in half, towards the eye.

draw pig upper jaw

Step 7

Draw a disc on the top of the snout.

draw the snout disc

Step 8

Draw the top of the snout by connecting the disc with the rest. Keep its 3D shape in mind!

draw the upper snout

Step 9

Draw the mouth.

draw pig mouth

Step 10

Draw the lower jaw. Keep it fat!

draw pig lower jaw

Step 11

Sketch the floppy ears.

draw pig ears base
draw pig ears middle
draw pig ears tips

Step 12

Add the nose holes and the oval eyes.

draw pig nose

Step 13

Add some detail to the eye.

draw pig eyes

4. How to Finish a Drawing of a Pig

Step 1

Draw all the lines clearly suggested by the guide lines.

outline pig body

Step 2

Add some secondary lines to suggest some muscles under the skin.

add detail to pig body
draw pig face
Keep the eyes small and simple

Step 3

Add some simple, linear shading to accentuate the 3D form of the body.

shade a pig

Step 4

Darken the main outline to finish the drawing.

finish pig drawing

Good Job!

That’s a beautiful, happy pig! Are you in the mood for more simple drawing tutorials? We’ve got you covered:

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how to draw a pig step by step