Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration

Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration

Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration

Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration

Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration
Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration
Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration

Best of 2018: 20+ Great Landing Pages for Design Inspiration

A great landing page design is crucial when it comes to announcing new products or services as well as the launch of your company. Landing pages help visitors focus on a singular action, which means they’re great for driving conversions and signups.

Nowadays, you don’t have to be a web design expert to create a landing page. There’s no shortage of quality landing page samples on various marketplaces so all you need to do is find the one you like, purchase it, and set it up.

In today’s post, we’ll share our best landing page examples from Envato Elements and ThemeForest.

Find Great Landing Page Samples on Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a great starting point when it comes to landing page design. For starters, Envato Elements is a subscription-based marketplace with dozens of landing page templates. When you start browsing through the templates, you’ll notice that they’re suitable for a variety of purposes and can be customized to completely reflect your brand style.

landing page inspiration
Browse through the many great landing page examples on Envato Elements.

You can download an unlimited number of templates at no extra cost when you sign up for Envato Elements and even use them in an unlimited number of projects—all for one low monthly fee.

Best Landing Page Examples On Envato Elements

Below, you’ll find the best landing page samples that are just a small sample of what Envato Elements has to offer.

1. Spot – App and Service Landing Page Example

Spot - App and Service Landing Page

The first template on our list, Spot, offers seven pre-designed homepage variants to choose from. The template also includes 18 pre-made color schemes which can easily be customized. You’ll also find icons and sections that allow you to feature logos from publications you’ve been featured in, testimonials, and elegant animations that’ll bring attention to your calls-to-action.

2. Clymene – Landing Page Example for Bloggers and Portfolio Sites

Clymene landing page for bloggers and portfolio

The Clymene template is a versatile landing page template that’s perfect for bloggers and portfolio sites. You can choose from a wide range of one page or multi-page concepts and grid or Pinterest-style portfolios. You’ll also find a mega menu so you can easily create drop-down menus, parallax effects, working contact form, and more.

3. IQON – Modern Coming Soon Landing Page Design

IQON coming soon landing page

The IQON template has been designed with user experience in mind and as such it features a clean design which can be used for all sorts of landing pages; from corporate to portfolios. Key features include:

  • Fully responsive
  • 14 versions provided
  • Light and dark skins
  • Countdown, Text, PayPal blocks
  • Working AJAX contact form
  • Working AJAX newsletter signup form

4. BigStream – One Page Landing Page Design

BigStream one page landing page design

The BigStream template is a great choice if you’re looking for a one-page template that’s easy to set up. It features a minimal design with more than 20 demos to choose from and is fully responsive. The template comes with the ability to showcase testimonials, client logos, Google Maps, past projects, and more. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants a simple landing page for their business or portfolio.

5. Monalisa – Elegant Landing Page Example

Monalisa landing page design

Try the Monalisa template if you’re looking for a template with elegant and stylish design. This template not only includes 10+ layouts to choose from, but it also includes shop layouts if you need more versatility. You can also feature team members, benefits of your product or service, client logos, testimonial, and more.

Envato Elements—Perfect for Designers and Freelancers

If you’re a designer or developer working with clients on a regular basis, then Envato Elements is a great choice for you. Thanks to the subscription model, you can download unlimited landing page templates as well as thousands of other creative assets such as graphics, mockups, fonts, photos, and more.

All of those assets can be used in an unlimited number of projects and are available for a low monthly fee.

Sign up for Envato Elements and take advantage of thousands of design assets, customize them to fit your project needs, and enjoy unlimited use policy.

Best Landing Pages on ThemeForest

While Envato Elements is a great change for landing page inspiration, if you want to buy landing page templates one at time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of ttemplates) ThemeForest is another great choice. 

landing page inspiration
Best landing pages 2018, available for sale on ThemeForest.

ThemeForest marketplace is a great choice if you need to make a one-time purchase. If you’re a business or website owner that wants to DIY their website, you can choose from dozens of graphics files, and buy the template that catches your eye for a one-time fee.

Here are some of our best-selling landing page designs available on ThemeForest.

1. Softie – Software Landing Page Design

Softie software landing page design

The Softie template is a great choice for any company selling software. This template features a responsive and modern design with more than 40 different homepage layouts and it’s easy to modify. Template has plenty of sections for features, calls to action, testimonials, and more. You’ll also find icons and Google Fonts to easily add even more style to your landing page.

2. Appscr – Minimal App Landing Page Template

Appscr minimal app landing page template

If you’re looking to announce your app, consider the Appscr template which was designed with mobile apps in mind. Key features include:

  • Clean and unique design
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO friendly code
  • Easy color management
  • Google Fonts support
  • Font Awesome support
  • Extensive Documentation

3. Flatpack – Feature-Rich Landing Pages Template Pack

Flatpack landing page template pack

The Flatpack template pack is a feature-rich template that comes with a built-in landing page builder so you can easily drag and drop elements onto the page without ever having to touch a single line of code. Customers rave about the flexibility of the template:

My god, incredible quality for the price. Really, it’s MADE for technical marketers like myself. I’m 200% satisfied, and have been using it for 3 weeks now.

4. Kane – Landing Page Design for App Promotion

Kane landing page design for app promotion

The Kane template features a light and dark version as well as several pre-made designs that you can use as a starting point for your landing page. The template is also fully responsive and can easily be customized. You’ll find the ability to use video backgrounds, MailChimp integration, and iPhone and Android phone mockups so you can easily showcase your app and its features.

5. Startuply – Multipurpose Landing Page Template

Startuply multipurpose landing page template

The Startuply template suggests it would be perfect for startups based on its name, but the reality is that it can be used for any type of landing page due to its versatile nature. The template features more than 25 pre-made pages, pre-built forms with MailChimp support, and 40+ code snippets that you can easily paste onto your page. This template is fully responsive and optimized for SEO and fast loading times.

6. LaunchKit – Robust Landing Page for Businesses

LaunchKit landing page for businesses

The LaunchKit template is a robust landing page for businesses and corporate landing pages that include a custom page builder so you can easily modify pre-made layouts and create your own from scratch. On top of being fully customizable, it’s also responsive and allows you to split-test sections and blocks so you can create a landing page with the best possible conversion rate.

7. Lista – Newsletter Landing Page Sample

Lista newsletter landing page template

If you’re focused on building your email list, then the Lista template is a great choice. The template features a clean design with a prominent newsletter sign up form and integrates with MailChimp. The template allows you to explain why someone would want to subscribe to your newsletter and you can build trust thanks to the ability to display testimonials.

8. Conversion – Landing Page Template Designed for Conversions

Conversion landing page template

As the name suggests, the Conversion landing page template was built with conversions in mind for businesses and companies offering a product or a service. This template is fully responsive and includes features that’ll help you convert visitors into customers and clients. Features include:

  • MailChimp integration
  • Admin email option
  • Easy configuration
  • Working contact, registration and signup forms
  • And more

9. Off the Shelf – Book Landing Page Template

Off the Shelf book landing page template

Try the Off the Shelf template if you’re looking to promote the launch of your new book. This template allows you to share information about your book as well as reviews from other readers and links to where the book can be purchased.

10. Getleads – Fresh Landing Page Pack

Getleads landing page template pack

The Getleads template is a pack of landing page templates that include their own landing page builder, nine premade pages and 230 different sections. This pack of templates also comes with SEO tools so you can boost your SEO rank. Customers love the features available in this pack:

It’s great for creating fast landing pages. With a good number of possibilities. If you know a little bit of coding and CSS you can customize your pages very easily. Works very fine for me!

11. Urip – Professional Landing Page Template

Urip professional landing page template

The Urip template is a great choice for corporate and business landing pages. It comes with its own landing page builder and premade layouts. Key features include:

  • Layout variations
  • 1000+ icons included
  • Working contact, newsletter, and register forms
  • Pricing Table
  • Image and Instagram Gallery
  • Video Background
  • Content Filter
  • And more

12. Neue – Simple App Landing Page Sample

Neue simple landing page template

The Neue template is a great choice for promoting your mobile app. The template comes with all the sections you need to present the features of your app, showcase user testimonials and reviews, and links to the app stores where they can download your app.

13. Appsperia – Unique App Landing Page

Appsperia app landing page template

The Appsperia template features a unique dark and light layout with a clean design. The template is fully responsive and allows you to add video backgrounds so you can easily draw attention to app’s features and calls-to-action.

14. imEvent – Landing Page Example for Promoting Events

imEvent landing page template for events

If you’re planning a conference or any other type of event, consider the imEvent template to create a landing page and drive sign-ups and registrations. This template features a clean countdown timer which helps you create urgency, working registration and contact forms, and Google Maps integration.

15. Car Rental Landing Page – Landing Page for Car Rental Companies

Car Rental Landing Page template

The Car Rental Landing Page is a perfect choice for car rental and other rental companies. The template is responsive and can be customized to fit your brand. It also includes features such as working newsletter and checkout forms, reservation form, Google Maps integration, and extensive documentation.

Top Five Landing Page Inspiration Examples From the Web

Below, you’ll find five examples of landing pages that you can use as an inspiration while you create your own landing page.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp landing page example

MailChimp does a great job of highlighting how it helps you build and grow your business and brand along with a prominent call to action that encourages you to sign up. They use screenshots to showcase their features along with logos from their clients to build trust before adding another call-to-action at the bottom.

2. TransferWise

TransferWise landing page example

TransferWise has a rather straightforward landing page—you can immediately start the process of sending money to another country. If you scroll down, though, you’ll notice the page talks more about the features of this service and builds credibility with video testimonials.

3. Plated

Plated landing page example

Finding the perfect recipe for dinner, not to mention the ingredients can be time-consuming. Plated banks on today’s fast-paced lifestyle and offers a simple solution – to deliver the best ingredients for your dinner. The call-to-action makes it clear what you can expect and further down they focus on emphasizing benefits of subscribing.

4. LeadQuizzes

LeadQuizzes landing page example

Quizzes have become incredibly popular as a list-building tactic and LeadQuizzes does a great job of pinpointing the pain of many business owners before offering their platform as the perfect solution. The landing page has several elements that make this a great landing page: a video above the fold, client logos and reviews, live chat option, benefits and features, and more.

5. CodeCombat

CodeCombat landing page example

Lastly, CodeCombat is a great example of a service that caters to two different demographics yet allows them both to easily convert into customers. The above the fold area has two buttons that allow you to choose which option is the best for you and the rest of the page features testimonials, their philosophy, and an overview of what they offer.

Try These Landing Pages for Design Inspiration

Creating a landing page isn’t hard once you’ve got the right template for your product, service, business, or another offer. Use the examples above as an inspiration and then head over to Envato Elements and grab a landing page template to promote your offer.