50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019

50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019

50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019

50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019

50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019
50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019
50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019 50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019 50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019 50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019 50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019

50 Top Final Cut Pro Templates to Watch in 2019

We know you’re excited to create beautiful video productions in 2019. So, we thought we’d give you a jumpstart with 50 of the best Final Cut Pro templates from Envato Elements. Elements lets you download as many creative resources as you want, for one low monthly fee.

Note: some of these projects require Apple’s Motion animation software to customize and maximize the templates.

Broadcast Packages

Broadcast packages capture the unified and professional styling you’re accustomed to seeing in television productions. Titles, graphics, and more are designed to match and operate together in perfect harmony. In time, your own unique broadcast style becomes associated with your content in the eyes of audiences.

1. FCPX 120+ Toolkit and Transitions

If you’re searching for a rich broadcast toolbox in a single download, it’s hard to pass up FCPX 120+ Toolkit and Transitions. Here, you’ll find over 100 broadcast-ready transitions and effects. Use these to bring a unified look and feel to your video production. This is really the key of broadcast packages – the ability to employ an array of matching, complementary elements.


 2. Christmas Broadcast Pack – Apple Motion

Make the most wonderful time of year yours with the Christmas Broadcast Pack, which will bring festive cheer to any video.

3. Glitch YouTube Channel Kit

Transform your YouTube videos into funky professional productions with the Glitch YouTube Channel Kit.

4. Glitch YouTube Channel Kit 2

Expand on the YouTube theme with the stylish effects included in Glitch YouTube Channel Kit 2.

Aerial photograph of a coastline road overlaid with a Youtube channel graphic
Glitch YouTube Channel Kit 2 from Envato Elements

5. Clean Stylish Lower Thirds Pack – Apple Motion

Add professional newscast titles to any video with Clean Stylish Lower Thirds Pack, built for narrative video.

6. Simple Clean Glossy Lower Thirds Pack – Apple Motion

Simple Clean Glossy Lower Thirds Pack is the easiest way to add futuristic text captions to your Final Cut productions.


Elements are creative, quirky effects that add fun and spunk to your videos. They’re easy ways to make your videos stand out and capture the minds of your audience. Although many seem quite niche, together they serve a wide variety of purposes. 

7. The YouTuber Pack – Comic Edition V2.0 – Final Cut Pro X

YouTube videos are in the forefront of today’s content revolution. New updates come at a phenomenal rate, and thus it’s key to make your YouTube videos stand out. With the comic elements in The YouTuber Pack, each and every video you produce can take on the hero vs. villain theme with fun characters. 75 unique items and effects are included in the download, and are fully editable to add truly limitless customizations.


8. Artist Sketch – Apple Motion

Make every image a hand-drawn masterpiece with the Artist Sketch template.

9. New Year Countdown 2019 – Apple Motion

Ring in the coming year with New Year Countdown 2019’s golden countdown clock.

10. FCP Zoom Transitions

Static images get dull, and that’s where the dynamic FCP Zoom Transitions help transform every slideshow into an engaging montage.

11. Memory Album

Memory Album builds a video scrapbook from your photos, animating them in the style of classic leather journals. 

12. Halloween Vintage Openers – Apple Motion

Touch base with your scary side by checking out Halloween Vintage Openers, ideal for Halloween videos and horror movie teasers alike. 


Video is the perfect avenue for communicating ideas and data to viewers, but it can be tough to keep things engaging and visually appealing. That’s where infographic templates like these come in, to add polish to even the dullest subjects.

13. Brightly – Animations Explainer Toolkit

Pictures, it has been said, are worth a thousand words. And a helpful explainer animation like those found in the Brightly – Animations Explainer Toolkit pack, can be almost priceless. Bring new life to every subject by choosing from the 110 icons in this template. These animations help tell your story and keep your viewers totally intrigued.


14. Simple Stylish Presentation – Apple Motion

Introduce data into the polished Simple Stylish Presentation and see your audience catch on to your next big idea. 

15. Multi Video Corporate Presentation

Sell your organization through stunning imagery with the Multi Video Corporate Presentation, a template built around closing the deal. 

16. Motion Typography

Motion Typography captures the power of the written word, and emphasizes main ideas in video presentations built in Final Cut Pro. 

17. The Ultimate Story Pack – Final Cut Pro X & Apple Motion

Distill your data into social format with The Ultimate Story Pack, and have it ready to present in just a few seconds. 

18. 3D Popup Book Toolkit

Animate your story with the 3D Popup Book Toolkit, and introduce a new dimension to your data.

Logo Stings

Bring your brand to life by animating its most important element: the logo. Countless options make it easy to match a logo to any type of video, with only a few clicks required to creatively introduce your marketing. 

19. Particle Burst Logo Reveal

Logo reveals flash your branding across a video introduction, thereby making that all-important first impression. Particle Burst Logo Reveal begins as a fiery shooting star, and solidifies into a powerful logo animation that flashes across a dark background. Equally suited for intros and conclusions, this template is quite literally the spark that lights into your own image.


20. Minimal Slice Logo V2 – Apple Motion

The no-frills Minimal Slice Logo V2 animates your logo in clean, smooth blocks against a variety of unique backdrops.

21. FCPX Liquid Logo

The FCPX Liquid Logo reveal package is the perfect balance of style and simplicity in design.

22. Clean Logo Reveal for Motion

Well-suited for corporate presentations, Clean Logo Reveal for Motion is a fast and quick way to introduce your logo at any point in a video production.

23. Multi Video Image Logo – Apple Motion

Another great choice for business presentations, Multi Video Image Logo introduces your brand in a series of colorful blocks that grab viewers’ attention.

24. Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo pulls elements of your logo together from each side of the frame, for a simple, yet stylish, logo reveal.

25. Cinematic Fire Impact Logo – Apple Motion

Set your branding alight with the Cinematic Fire Impact Logo template, created to make a fiery arrival all your own.

Cinematic Fire Impact Logo example image
Cinematic Fire Impact Logo from Envato Elements


Openers roll out your video and make the all-important first impression. It’s key to match openers to the purpose and themes of your video. They truly set the tone for all that follows.

26. Video Bumper

Video Bumper is a straightforward opening transition sequence readily applicable to any video production in Final Cut. With Final Cut’s built-in editors, it’s easy to change colors and fonts to introduce your own styling. You’ll find this package versatile for broadcasting, online videos, marketing campaigns, and more. Remember, too many transitions in video can be distracting to your audience. This template resolves that dilemma by adding drama without distraction.


27. Fashion Opener | FCPX or Apple Motion

Kick off your fashion video with the glamorous transitions of the Fashion Opener template.

28. In Da Club – Apple Motion

Start your dance party off right with the celebratory In Da Club template, ready to help introduce your next big event.

29. Slider Opener – Apple Motion

Slider Opener is a professional opener designed for corporate and business presentations in need of a smooth, quiet intro.

30. Glitch Design Opener

Start your videos off with an edgy, urban vibe, courtesy of the modern Glitch Design Opener template. 

31. Clean Slideshow

Launch your photo collection with timeless elegance, delivered by the bold transitions and text overlays found in Clean Slideshow.

32. Dynamic Opener

Dynamic Opener is a fast-paced intro sequence well suited for marketing campaigns and sports broadcasts alike.

Product Promo

Promotions are one of the primary uses for video. Specialized promo templates are built to help you market your offerings – whatever they may be. Choose wisely, as promos are built to drive purchasing decisions.

33. FCP Company Promo

FCP Company Promo is a kinetic, fun way to introduce your company to the world. Complete with bio slides and historical timelines, you’ll find it to be the perfect way to tell your story on video. A variety of titles and animations help add customization and variety, leaving all of the template’s marketing power in your hands.


34. Awards Promo

Build buzz around your coming honors ceremony with the golden Awards Promo template.

35. Corporate Business Product Promo – Apple Motion

Highlight your company’s offerings in a dynamic showcase with Corporate Business Product Promo.

36. Mobile-Tablet Apps Promo – Apple Motion

Geared towards mobile developers, Mobile-Tablet Apps Promo has all the tools you’ll need to promote your apps on video.

37. Dance Club Party Promo – Apple Motion

Sell yourself as the life of the party with the disco-inspired Dance Club Party Promo template.

38. The Spring Special Promo Pack – Apple Motion

Spring is a time of new life, and you can inject this creative energy into your marketing with The Spring Special Promo Pack.


Videos might be moving pictures, but words count. Dynamic titles for your production introduce big ideas and help frame your narrative. The best title templates match your style and the mood of the video, and bring plenty of customization options to the table.

39. The Galaxy Walk Cinematic Template – Apple Motion

The Galaxy Walk Cinematic Template is a cinematic text design equally at home in a sci-fi production or a documentary video. Starry graphics and bold styling ensure audiences won’t miss your opening lines. The template includes seven different placeholders to expand your options, and the fast-paced animations help keep your video moving at a quick pace.


40. Glitch Titles

The 15 animations in Glitch Titles are the perfect edgy, simple text intros for your video.

41. FCPX Animated Typography Titles

Utilize the world’s greatest fonts to open your video productions with FCPX Animated Typography Titles.

42. Cinematic Trailer Titles 2

Bring Hollywood graphics to your own work with the theatrical designs found in Cinematic Trailer Titles 2. 

43. Corporate Titles | FCPX or Apple Motion

Corporate Titles start off your videos with a tone of cool refinement and urbane sophistication. 

44. Minimal Titles | FCPX or Apple Motion

Keep it simple but stylish by using the elegant Minimal Titles template pack.

Video Displays

Slideshows are one of the simplest and best ways to present your photo and video content. They take a basic presentation framework and dress it up in unforgettable style. Each of these templates takes the hard work out of the creative process. 

45. Corporate Glass – Apple Motion

Corporate Glass is really a full portfolio of video display templates contained in a single package. Designed to emulate the opening sequence of a TV newscast, this template is ideally suited for portfolio reels and introductory videos alike. It adds drama without being overwhelming, and it focuses on bringing video clips to the forefront of audience attention. 


46. Simple Slides | FCPX or Apple Motion

A direct and easy way to share photos and video, Simple Slides focuses on smooth transitions between views.

47. Dark of The Moon Cinematic Trailer

Inspired by blockbuster films, you can add cinematic styling to your video with the Dark of The Moon Cinematic Trailer.

48. Fire and Smoke Cinematic Trailer – Apple Motion

For a fiery and energetic display, try out the Fire and Smoke Cinematic Trailer to set your content alight.

49. Simple Slideshow Tower Promo – Apple Motion

Simple Slideshow Tower Promo is a studio-quality slideshow template designed to bring modern refinement to your image collection. 

50. Fashion Party LightBox – Apple Motion

To kick off your fashion broadcast or video promo, turn to Fashion Party LightBox as a dynamic display template.

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