30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs

30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs

30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs

30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs

30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs
30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs
30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs 30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs 30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs 30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs 30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs

30 Magazine Templates With Creative Print Layout Designs

In this era
of inbound marketing, one could be forgiven for thinking that print is dead.
After all, landing pages, social media, emails and websites are a core part of
any successful small business’s marketing game plan.

Believe it
or not, there’s still impact and influence in traditional, old-school
marketing. Print is alive and well, with the Content Marketing
Institute declaring that print can complement your
digital-marketing strategy

businesses, creatives and agencies can pleasantly surprise their leads by
presenting them with longer content that they can turn over in their hands and
take their time with. Certainly, this is a great alternative to today’s
obsession with 280-character limits and multiple Facebook updates each day.

Those looking
for a marketing format that their leads can really sink their teeth into should
check out our best magazine templates on Envato Market.

Best Magazine Template Designs
Best Selling Magazine Templates – available for sale on Envato Market (Graphic River)

You can use them for your next marketing campaign or to start your own publication. Then distribute them through print or digitally as PDFs. They are professionally designed and set up for quick customization to your project needs.

Unlimited Magazine Templates on Envato Elements

If you need a variety of different options to choose from, you can find some fantastic magazine templates on Envato Elements—and you can download as many as you want for a single monthly fee.

Magazine Templates on Envato Elements

For example, check out this professional and clean InDesign magazine template. It’s ready to use and includes 25 pages for articles, interviews, etc.

Magazine template on Envato Elements

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for a single magazine template, check out the fantastic selection below from Envato Market.

Creative Magazine Templates

Here are our 30 best-selling, recently released InDesign magazine templates with creative layout designs:

1. Pure Magazine – Creative InDesign Template

Taking a
minimalist approach to print design, this magazine template is ideal for any
small business that favors a bare-bones approach to its print marketing. With a
lot of room for feature articles, interviews, Q&As and striking images,
this template can become the centerpiece of your print-marketing strategy. 

comes with InDesign INDD graphic files and features Montserrat, Varela Round
and Bebas Neue font styles. Overall, it’s 44 pages of canvas for your
content-marketing or creative print magazine vision.

Pure Magazine - InDesign Template

2. 50 Pages Creative Magazine Layout

Great value abounds in this magazine template that comes with 50 unique pages overall. That’s enough capacity to create a high-quality magazine to deliver to your leads and clients, complete with stories, features, interviews, and more! 

With single and dual-column alignment, the template also showcases a card-based layout for easy reading and legibility. It comes with three premade cover templates and is print-ready for immediate use.

Creative Magazine Layout Design

3. Minimal Modern Clean Magazine Design

is very important for any magazine template, and this modern and clean magazine
doesn’t disappoint. Featuring a lot of strategically placed white space to
guide readers’ eyes to your most vital content, it offers a dual-column design
that brings your marketing message across with no uncertainty. Its 28 pages are
very easy to customize to your brand. It comes in both Letter and A4 sizes in InDesign.

Minimal Modern Clean Magazine Design

4. Magazine Template Bundle – InDesign Layout V3

Multipurpose design use is valued by everyone from creatives and agencies to small businesses, and this InDesign magazine template doesn’t disappoint. Ideal for any industry, this template features a clean, cutting-edge and crisp layout that brings your business’s marketing message straight into the hands of your leads and customers. With full customization and Adobe InDesign CS6, CS5 and CS4 formats, it lets you tell your brand story with total control.

Magazine Template Bundle - InDesign Layout V3

5. Simplify – Clean Magazine Layouts Vol. 2

When it
comes to print marketing, the simplest and most minimalistic is sometimes the
most effective. This magazine template epitomizes this design approach to a

It features generous white space and copious room for fonts and images to
complement each other on any page. It comes with InDesign INDD files
and a 24-page layout. It’s great for agencies and small businesses of all
shapes and sizes.

Simple Clean Magazine Layouts INDD

6. A4 InDesign Letter Magazine Template

magazine templates like this one are ideal for small businesses of all kinds.
Take control of your marketing message and impress your client base by giving
them a print magazine in their hands, which allows them to stay longer with
your marketing message. 

Print-ready and available in A4 and Letter sizes, this
fantastic template comes with 40 pages overall. Each part of the layout designs can
be customized to your brand message.

A4 InDesign Letter Magazine Template

7. Multipurpose Magazine Template (INDD)

attractive-to-the-eye grid and column layouts, this magazine template is
well suited for agencies, small businesses and creatives looking to deliver a
print-based marketing message into their customers’ hands. 

Its neat
organization and clean design ensures that you can put high-quality
information on paper. The template comes with InDesign INDD files, a
fully customizable layout, and 25 unique pages.

Multipurpose Magazine Template INDD

8. Vibrant Magazine Template Design

No matter
what creative agency or small business you run, you can make excellent use of
this fresh and multipurpose magazine template. It features various free fonts, automatic page numbering, and a column-based layout
for easy absorption of your brand storytelling. 

Energetic magazine layout templates like
this allow you to put something more substantial in your clients’ hands.
Print-ready with full bleed, it also offers 30 unique page designs.

Vibrant Magazine Template Design

9. Clean InDesign Magazine Template

business owners can’t go wrong with this clean column-based and paragraph-styled
template that uses print marketing to maximum value. Your readers will
thoroughly enjoy the generous word spacing; easy-to-read, chunked paragraphs; and beautiful typeface. 

Fully customizable to your brand’s marketing message,
this magazine template is ideal for agencies that want to show off a clean and
minimalistic brand story. Print-ready, it features 30 pages and 12 InDesign CS4
and CS6 files to work with.

Clean InDesign Magazine Template

10. Cool Retro Vintage Magazine Design

This attractive throwback to the magazine layout templates of a bygone era can hook and inspire your leads. Featuring a vintage look that evokes memories of a 1960s print magazine, this unique template is also clean and simply designed, so your marketing message can be clearly conveyed. With 33 pages and different image-display options, it’s print-ready and fully customizable for your creative or agency purposes.

Cool Retro Vintage InDesign Magazine

11. The Relevant Magazine – Elegant Layout Design

Perfect for
creatives and agencies looking to show off their unique approach, this template
is characterized by a stylish layout. Adorned with graphic-design touches
galore, this magazine template demonstrates how effective a layout can be if it
combines simplicity with creativity. You’ll be thankful for its easy
customization and multipurpose applications! It’s ready to go with Adobe
InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 compatibility.

The Magazine Elegant Layout Design

12. 40 Pages Minimal Design Magazine INDD

Superb value
and clean, easy-to-read minimalism combine in this amazing magazine template.
With InDesign INDD graphics files included, it’s ready to be used as a
complement to any well-structured content-marketing strategy. 

Put a juicy,
long-form marketing message into your customers’ hands, as this format is
perfect for in-depth stories, interviews and feature articles. Fully
customizable, the template features Raleway, Bebas Neue and Tall Films fonts.

40 Pages Minimal Design Magazine INDD

13. Magazine Template – InDesign 40 Page Layout V7

A great
value among our magazine templates, this design features rich and creative
content that’s going to make an impression on your reading audience. With
readable typeface, a clean and well-organized grid layout, and
attention-grabbing headlines, this magazine can make your marketing message
come to life in your prospects’ hands. Thanks to Adobe InDesign graphics files,
it’s a cinch to edit and customize to your needs!

Magazine Template - InDesign 40 Page Layout V7

14. InDesign A4 Print Magazine Template 2

55 pages and
four unique covers combine to create a magazine template that’s bound to put
rich, high-quality content into the hands of your leads and customers. 

template provides your readers with a well-designed, chunked paragraph layout
that makes it easy for them to understand your brand story. It comes in A4 size
and features Salome Regular, Roboto, and Cheddar Jack font styles.

InDesign A4 Print Magazine Template 2

15. Fashionable InDesign Magazine Template

and bursting with style, this multipurpose magazine template can help small
businesses complement their content-marketing efforts with ease. Ideal for use
in any industry’s promotional materials, it features 30 pages that
are all fully customizable. This puts you in total control of your
brand story and marketing message. The template also features free fonts,
paragraph styles, and an A4 size.

Fashionable InDesign Magazine Template

16. Cultura Minimal Magazine Template

Words that
best describe this magazine template are “stylish,” “elegant”, and “creative.”
Treat your audience to a 38-page read that can efficiently support your overall
marketing endeavors. 

Whether it’s to sell your brand story or promote new
products, putting a beautifully designed magazine into your customers’ hands is
a recipe for success. This template comes with five different fonts, easy
customization, and a minimalistic design, and it’s print-ready out of the box.

Cultura Minimal Magazine Template

17. Flexible Magazine Template – Creative Layouts

industry you’re in, this template will serve your overall marketing needs very
nicely. Not all magazine layout templates are as flexible and multipurpose as
this one is, which makes it a stunning complement to any well-thought-out
content-marketing strategy! 

Small business owners will have an easy time using
its column-based layout to design the most readable magazine for their clients.
With full customization features, this template is print-ready and comes with
28 pages.

Flexible Magazine Template Creative Layouts

18. Simple, Creative Magazine Template Design

Few magazine
templates use minimalism as effectively and decisively as this gorgeous design.
Featuring a center-alignment format and plenty of generous room for
high-quality, professional images, this template is easy to pick up and read. 

Your customers will enjoy its legibility, as they read through your marketing
messages with clarity. It boasts 26 InDesign pages in total.

Creative Magazine Template Design

19. Modern Magazine – Multiple Print Design Layouts

Clear paragraph styles, clean layouts, and copious amounts of white space make for an effective magazine template. This design is characterized
by a forward-looking modernity that makes its content a pleasure to read. 

your leads and prospects some heavy-duty content that they can dig into. This template is ideal for creatives and small businesses. It is
print-ready and compatible with InDesign CS4 and up.

modern magazine template designs

20. Stylish Multipurpose Magazine Vol. 3

templates like this brochure design are too good to pass up. Creatives,
agencies and small businesses can breathe easy knowing that its multipurpose
design makes it an ideal complement to any industry’s content-marketing

All you have to do is just drop in your text and images, and it’s all
print-ready! It’s 28 pages long and comes in both A4 and Letter sizes in InDesign format.

Stylish Multipurpose Magazine Vol 3

21. Travel and Nature Magazine Template

How would you present the world to your readers? This next magazine template lets you venture into travel and nature interests with incredible creativity. You’ll get access to Adobe InDesign files in a standard A4 size, so you’ll be ready to print it at any local shop.

It also comes with fully editable layers you can use to swap out the presets for your choice of fonts and photos. Check it out!

Travel and Nature Magazine Template

22. Wannabe Fashion Magazine

Curating your own collection of fashion and design inspiration shouldn’t feel so hard. With this impressive template, you’ll be able to lay out your photos and products with ease. Enjoy 32 unique layouts that are all premade to make your workflow faster.

Update the cover with your special muse for an inspiring look. Add it to your collection!

Wannabe Fashion Magazine

23. Magazine/Lookbook Template

Magazine lookbooks are a great way to express your individual side to your audience. Curate the best collections in photography, fashion and more with this beautiful magazine template. This magazine comes with a 24-page booklet that is printed as a standard bifold.

All the vector elements are included, and only free fonts have been used!

MagazineLookbook Template

24. Elegant Magazine Template

Need something that is elegant and stunning? This next magazine template might just be the right fit for your company. An InDesign template created in both US letter and A4 sizes, this template is simple and easy to use.

Edit the contents with your photos and information to use it for a variety of purposes. Try it out!

Elegant Magazine Template

25. Plus Magazine Template

You can make your job a whole lot easier with a well-designed magazine template. This creative design features a bold, monochromatic color scheme with little pops of blue color. Edit the colors to your personal style using the fully editable layers in Adobe InDesign.

Want a new cover? Just swap it out for your favorite promotional material.

Plus Magazine Template

26. Essential Food Magazine & Cookbook

Want a larger magazine layout for your new cookbook or food recipes? Try this essential food magazine template. Compatible with Adobe InDesign versions CS4 and above, this template features a clean, minimalist style with master pages included.

Share your favorite recipes with your friends! Just drag and drop them into a high-quality magazine template like the one below!

Essential Food Magazine Cookbook

27. Men’s Fashion Lookbook Magazine Template

Do you have an eye for pairing cool outfits together? Build the ultimate lookbook with this fantastic magazine template. Great for men’s and women’s fashion, this template features a warm, brown color scheme with simple details.

Edit it fast with Adobe InDesign versions CS4 and above. Check it out!

Mens Fashion Lookbook Mens Fashion Lookbook Magazine Template

28. Travel Magazine Template

Professional magazine templates aren’t hard to come by if you know where to look. That’s why we’re presenting you with this awesome travel magazine for aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs. Quickly lay out your favorite hot spots within this fully editable Adobe InDesign template.

Get several print-ready files that are great for advertising and so much more. Add it to your design arsenal!

Travel Magazine Template

29. Minimal Magazine Template

Minimal magazine layouts work well for practical designers who love a beautiful and clean aesthetic. You’ll definitely enjoy this fantastic template with 24 pages in a standard landscape orientation.

Not only is this template budget friendly at just under $15, but it also includes free fonts and paragraph styles. Try it today!

Minimal Magazine Template

30. Architecture Magazine Template

Love the look of architecture? If you’d like to dive into your very own architectural magazine then check out this wonderful template. This template is jam-packed with incredible, grid layouts you can quickly update with articles and more.

Pair your content with the perfect photos for a truly winning combination. Add it to your collection!

Architecture Magazine Template

How to Design a Print Magazine

Anyone who
seriously believes that print is dead is simply not paying attention! In an era
of digital marketing and short attention spans, print is a breath of fresh air
and a pleasant surprise that your audience will appreciate. They’ll appreciate
longer-form content that’s palpable and gives them more in-depth info than a
simple landing page or tweet.

Even though
our deep selection of magazine templates on Envato Market will let
you effortlessly complement your inbound marketing with print advertising, you
still need to know how to design a readable magazine. Here are
some pointers:

  1. Take care
    of typography design. 
    You’ll want to pay close attention to both the text size
    and how your typography is set. Magazines aimed at a younger demographic can get away
    with smaller typefaces, yet a print magazine generally tends to offer better
    legibility and readability when you’re using serif fonts.
  2. Make your
    content readable and legible.
    This is a biggie! Without presenting your
    magazine’s articles and other content clearly, you risk losing readers and your
    audience because they’ll get frustrated with a format that’s illegible. To make
    it easy to read, design your magazine text to be frequently broken up by
    attractive and high-quality images. At the same time, ensure that your text is chunked into shorter paragraphs.
  3. Do a
    final check before printing.
    Before you’re ready to print your magazine template,
    ensure that it’s totally perfect. This means going over everything—from the
    text to the images to the cover—with a fine-toothed comb. There’s nothing worse
    than printing your magazine, only to discover a glaring error that needs to be

Here are more design tips to make an impact with your magazine: 

Get Yourself a Magazine Template!

Don’t let the
chance to buy magazine templates pass you by! They will help your
content-marketing strategy by giving your audience richer and more in-depth
content they can really sink their teeth into. Browse through our huge selection of creative magazine template designs today, and find just the right one for your business.