25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program)

25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program)

25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program)

25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program)

25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program)
25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program)
25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program) 25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program) 25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program) 25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program) 25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program)

25 Top Video Overlays (for Any Program)

Overlays are a quick and simple way to jumpstart the design of any video. Featuring shapes, text, filters, and more, this kind of stock video asset gives you a quick way to upgrade any production: they’re effects that instantly transform the look and feel of any clip.

The magic of these clips is that they work in practically any video app thanks to use of the alpha channel. You can think of this footage as the video equivalent of a transparent PNG.

Alpha Channel Overlay Awesomeness

Envato Elements is an unlimited-download resource for creatives. Featuring
hundreds of thousands of creative templates, it’s an amazing asset
available for one low monthly fee. Elements features video templates,
stock photos, templates, fonts, and more, including plenty of cool overlays. Check out 25 of the top
video overlays on Elements below. And don’t forget to try out the previews
as you explore all Elements has to offer!

Plus, if you’re new to alpha-channel video, check out our tutorial for an example of alpha channel footage in action:

1. 25 Grunge Overlays

Grunge style is a gritty design suited for trailers and promos. Featuring burns, flares, glows and more, these fiery overlays are the perfect starter pack for your next production.


2. Confetti Overlay Pack

Confetti adds a celebration effect to any film. With this quick overlay, you can add excitement to your new video. Try it out for parties, promos, and more.


3. Isolated Bubbles Overlays Pack

This bubble overlay pack is amazingly versatile, with fun elements built to suit any theme. Use it to add fun, quirky styling, without detracting from the video below.


4. Overlays Big Pack – 39 Overlays

Need a wide variety of overlays in a single pack? Start right here, with this 39-piece collection. It features all of your favorite cinematic effects in a single download.


5. Particle Sparkling Overlays

These elegant particle overlays let you add elegant polish in a flash. Glittering sparkle effects illuminate your content, while the organic overlays smooth footage of all kinds.


6. Wedding Overlays Pack

Customized for wedding productions, this pack has everything you’ll need to capture your special day. With 36 total overlays, including veils, curtains, titles, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect overlay to fit every scene.


7. Tech Tunnel Overlay Set

Use these no-nonsense overlays next time you’re building a film trailer or game promo. Featuring ethereal green light and sci-fi inspired graphics, they guarantee your videos that key second look.


8. 100 Glitch Overlay

Glitch styling is a gritty and edgy way to craft your video work. It’s a specific category, but also broad in reach. And with this pack, you can try out 100 amazing glitch options with just a few clicks.


9. Programming Technology Overlay

Inspired by the early days of tech, this distortion overlay works as an amazing transition pack. It’s the perfect complement to modern productions of every kind.


10. Hearts Fill Screen Overlay

Great for your next romantic production, these heart overlays are sure to bring out a smile. Try them out for Valentine’s Day videos, engagement films, weddings, and more.


11. Snow Overlay Pack

Skiing, sledding, and dreams of a beautiful snowfall: no matter the winter scenes in your film, this frosty overlay makes them even cooler. Add it with just a few clicks, and bring brisk new style to your screen.


12. Gold Confetti Overlay Pack

Versatile enough for use in any celebration video, this gold confetti overlay pack is the life of the party. Including a total of 24 clips, you can easily customize this template to match your project’s theme.


13. Bokeh Overlays

Bokeh is a photographic technique featuring the creative use of blurring. But with this overlay pack, you don’t have to capture it in your original video. Instead, add the amazing abstract effects after the fact with this fast template.


14. Dandelion Overlay

Dandelions drifting away on the breeze are a true symbol of spring. Harness that fun, fresh feeling with this sleek dandelion template, ideally used as a transition design.


15. Glitch Overlay

These block overlays bring stop-motion design to your next project. Made for grunge content of all kinds, these are also flexible enough to apply to nearly any video for a healthy dose of funky style.


16. Soft Retro Overlays

Reminiscent of old movies and newsreels, retro overlays like this make any film timeless. Including burn, dust, and noise effects, you can dramatically shift the essence of a video in mere seconds with this template.


17. Extreme Overlays Pack

For intense designs, the Extreme Overlays Pack is tough to top. Heavily emphasizing optical effects, this one is a key choice for those building ad promos and marketing campaigns.


18. Digital Glitch Overlay

By distorting even the simplest video, this digital glitch pack is a top choice for turning boring into extraordinary. Warm static interference gives viewers the feeling of involvement and being right inside the scene.


19. Graphic Overlays Pack

Graphic overlays like this one channel natural light to highlight certain areas of the video. Callouts like this draw attention to specific items and help to keep even the toughest audiences engaged.


20. Old Film Overlay

Cinema purists love the warm look of old film. Fortunately for you, it’s easy to apply to even the newest videos, thanks to throwback templates like this one.


21. Butterflies Overlays Pack

Butterflies symbolize growth and new life. For festive videos of all sorts, it’s hard to imagine a better symbol. Fly your transitions on-screen with these fresh butterfly overlays.


22. Feathers Overlays Pack

They might float, but feathers carry a lot of style with them. Dive into this feathers overlay and apply magical graphics in a heartbeat. There are four options in the pack to help you design your new video.


23. 20 Light Leaks Overlay

Light leaks involve overexposing parts of images to the light. When used right, they add a warm, sunlit vibe. If you can’t capture them live, no matter – this 20-piece light leak pack will quickly add the effect after the fact.


24. TV Camera Silhouette Overlay

Perfect for intros and broadcasts, this TV camera overlay focuses on both sides of the lens. It’s simple enough to add in seconds, yet powerful enough to use on professional broadcast productions.


25. Doodle Overlays Pack

Doodles don’t just symbolize boredom – they’re also icons of abstract style. Add their fun unpredictability to your video canvas with this amazing collection of diverse doodle overlays.