25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018)

25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018)

25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018)

25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018)

25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018)
25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018)
25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018) 25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018) 25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018) 25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018) 25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018)

25+ Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation Design Examples (2018)

you in the process of creating a PowerPoint presentation? If you are, looking
at good presentation design examples can serve as presentation inspiration.

you may not like everything you see in a PowerPoint or presentation example,
you can use the examples as a starting place for your own ideas. And if the
presentation design example is based on a professionally-designed
presentation template
, such
as those available through Envato Elements or GraphicRiver, downloading
the associated template will give you a head start on your own presentation.

this article, I’ll share over 25 presentation examples for your presentation
inspiration. 15 of those examples will be good PowerPoint presentation examples based on
templates that you can download. The remaining presentation examples will be
from SlideShare. 

ready to be inspired!

What Makes a Great PowerPoint Presentation?

you ever wondered what the difference is between a great PowerPoint
presentation and a presentation that’s just so-so?

presentations have some common characteristics. You can learn what these
characteristics are and add them to your own presentations to create a more
interesting slideshow. Here are some of the factors that most great
presentations share:

  • great cover image
  • interesting
  • compelling
  • clear
    and interesting slide design
  • targeted
    to the intended audience
  • meets
    marketing goal

a more detailed discussion of these characteristics, review this article:

For even more PowerPoint presentation design tips, study
these tutorials:

good way to learn about great presentations is by example. By looking at
excellent PowerPoint slideshows and studying slide design you can find the
inspiration to create your own great PowerPoint presentation.

Use a Premium PowerPoint Template For the Best Presentation Design

you may be tempted to download a free PowerPoint presentation template or
design your own, your best option is usually to start with a professionally
designed slideshow template
, such
as those available from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

with a professional design saves you time and even money if you were
considering hiring a designer to create a presentation template from scratch.
Plus, our premium templates are easy to customize to make your presentation truly

you use lots of design assets in your business such as presentation templates,
WordPress themes, photos, fonts, and moreEnvato
your best choice since you can download an unlimited number of assets for one fee.
However, if you just need a single template for one-time use, GraphicRiver
offers hundreds
of PowerPoint presentation templates

a sneak peek at just some of what you’ll find on Envato Elements;

Envato Elements
You can find hundreds of professional presentation templates on Envato Elements.

take a closer look at some of these template designs and how they can help you
to create a great PowerPoint presentation.

Eye-Catching PowerPoint Presentation Examples (From Envato

are some great PowerPoint presentation designs available through Envato

1. Contact PowerPoint Template

Contact PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint template includes everything you need to make a compelling
presentation. You’ll find attractive slide designs that you can adapt to tell
your own unique story. You can also change the colors to make this match your
business branding.

2. Fluent PowerPoint Template

Fluent PowerPoint Template

a modern and professional PowerPoint design that your audience is sure to find
interesting. There are also plenty of charts, diagrams, and tables to help you
get your message across to your intended audience effectively.

3. In Power
PowerPoint Template

In Power PowerPoint Template

polished PowerPoint slide designs will convey your message and engage your
audience. You’ll find these professionally designed slides are easy to
customize for your own presentation needs. There’s also a help file.

4. Pastel
Shades PowerPoint Template

Pastel Shades PowerPoint Template

visualization elements from these slideshow templates will help make your
statistics and other data interesting. You can also change the background of
these slides to include your own color, a gradient, or even a photo.

5. Idea Splash PowerPoint Theme

Idea Splash PowerPoint Theme

the Idea Splash PowerPoint Theme with your own text and pictures to share your
own unique message with your audience. This template gives you 32 slide masters
so you can choose the slide designs that fit your presentation needs.

Engaging PowerPoint Design
Examples (From GraphicRiver)

are some great PowerPoint presentation designs available through Envato

1. Motagua Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Montagua Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

find that this PowerPoint template has a great cover slide design. Add your own
image for maximum impact. You’ll also love the infographic elements included
with this PowerPoint presentation as well as the number of slide designs choose

2. Verzus Minimal PowerPoint Template

Verzus Minimal PowerPoint Template

a powerful presentation with this minimal design PowerPoint template. You’ll
find all the slide designs you need ranging from great-looking title pages to
timeline slides to a wide variety of electronic product mockups.

3. Startup X – Perfect Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Startup X - Perfect Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

its large number of color variations and professionally-designed slides to
choose from, your presentation will be off to a good start with this popular
template. Replace the placeholders with your own photos and images for maximum

4. Simplicity 2.0 Premium Template

Simplicity Premium Template

clean design of this best-selling PowerPoint template will help you to create a
great PowerPoint presentation. Notice how each slide is designed to perfectly
highlight your information without being cluttered or busy.

5. i9 Template System

i9 Template System

another popular slideshow design made up of great elements like infographics,
maps, and device mockups. Choose between light and dark versions of 11 color
themes to get the PowerPoint presentation look exactly right for your business.

6.  MassiveX Presentation Template v2.1

Massive X Presentation Template

you like choices, you’ll like the Massive X Presentations Template for PowerPoint
because it gives you plenty of options for creating a good PowerPoint
presentation. There are over 270 slides and over 15 color themes (with light
and dark variations).

7.  Marketofy Ultimate PowerPoint Template

Marketyofy Ultimate PowerPoint Template

template begins with an attractive cover page that’s just ready for you to add
your own image. From there, the slideshow template design continues to stand
out with its unique color themes, vector objects, and infographic diagrams.

8. Space PowerPoint Template

Space PowerPoint Template

For a shortcut to creating and interesting-looking
presentation, try the Space PowerPoint template. These clean and simple slide
templates will add a modern feel to any slideshow. Plus, there’s tons of
pre-built features to customize.

9. Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

These professionally handcrafted slide designs will help
your PowerPoint presentation stand out for any audience. The minimalistic
design used here will help your listeners focus on your message rather than
being distracted by clutter.

iTrue PowerPoint Presentation Template

iTrue PowerPoint Presentation

ITrue PowerPoint Presentation Template boasts more than 90 color themes so that
you can customize it to match your business branding. These professionally
designed slide templates include a huge choice of infographics.

Examples of Great PowerPoint Presentation Design

see some complete examples of successful PowerPoint presentations, SlideShare
is a good to place to look. SlideShare allows users share slide presentations
online. To learn more about SlideShare, study this tutorial:

Here’s some of the best SlideShare presentations out there
to illustrate the principles of good presentation design. Each of these successful slideshows has over 100,000 page views

Here’s the list:

1. How Google Works

imagery and creative slide design make this informative slideshow from Eric
Schmidt, the former Executive Chairman at Google, really stand out. Notice how the uncluttered slide
design complements the clever illustrations.

2. Social
Media and Marketing Evolution or Revolution

just can’t stop staring at the cover slide of this presentation from digital
marketer, Alex Wong. And that’s the intent, of course. An arresting cover
design will make a reader stop and wonder what’s inside.

3. The Magic to Think Big

executive and author Andreas von der Heydt knows how to think big, and proves
it in this engaging PowerPoint presentation. The presentation lists some basic principles
and illustrates each one with creative and eye-catching images.

4. 10 Best Practices of a Best Company to Work

O.C. Tanner designs employee recognition programs. So, this slideshow presentation on what makes a company good to work for fits well with their corporate mission. It doesn’t hurt that they use a simple design here. 

5. Dispatches
From The New Economy: The Five Faces Of The On-Demand Economy

cover slide of this PowerPoint presentation from Intuit is what catches the eye. It’s got a
simple, yet creative design that draws the viewer in. The theme of simple
design carries across the entire presentation and helps convey the message.

6.  Mobile Ate The World

Evans created this compelling presentation for venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz. It’s the story here that grabs
the audience. The simple phrase, “Mobile Ate The World,” immediately
captures the attention of the intended audience.

How to Form a New Habit in 8 Easy Steps

clean and consistent slide design ties this short presentation from author Steve Scott together. Each slide
contains an image and a phrase. The eight steps described in the title are
numbered to make this even more audience-friendly.

IQ Work Hacks Productivity

business doesn’t want more productive workers? The answer: all businesses want
more productive workers. That focus helps this presentation from human resource
specialists, Interquest Group,
perfectly target their intended audience.

2018 Social Media Trends Report

consistent use of color in the slide design helps this slideshow to stand out.
The makers of social media app, Buffer, have used
mostly blue and white in these simple, data-focused slides to create a professional
look that works.

How to Find Your Life Purpose (Before It’s Too Late!)

story in this powerful presentation from Dan Benoni, CEO of OfficeVibe, begins on the very first
slide with the phrase “How to Find Your Life Purpose…Before it’s too
late.” That story perfectly matches OfficeVibe’s goal, which is to help
people enjoy work.

How to Become a Thought Leader in Your Niche

Here’s another example of just how well tailoring your
presentation to your target audience works. Blogger Leslie Samuel is the
creative force behind BecomeABlogger.
Naturally that audience is interested in thought leadership.

More About PowerPoint Design

can learn more about how to use PowerPoint to create your presentation in our PowerPoint tutorialsYou
can find even more design inspiration for your PowerPoint presentation in our guide
featuring the best PPT templates
or in this article:

Don’t forget to download our free eBook, The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentationswhich will help you write, design, and deliver the perfect presentation. (It’s available for FREE with the Tuts+ Business Newsletter.)

perfect presentation

Use These PowerPoint Design Examples to Create Your Own Presentation

you need to create a PowerPoint presentation, you can find inspiration from looking
at PowerPoint presentation examples. You’ve learned the characteristics that
make a good PowerPoint presentation. We’ve also just examined over 25
PowerPoint examples for your inspiration. Why not download a PowerPoint
Envato Elements or GraphicRiver
and start your presentation today?