25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor)

25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor)

25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor)

25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor)

25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor)
25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor)
25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor) 25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor) 25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor) 25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor) 25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor)

25 Best Video Textures (for Any Editor)

Textures can give a whole new look or feel to your video, whether you want to use a texture as a background, or to create a cool effect on your text. Here are 25 of the best textures from Envato Market to get your creativity flowing.

Video Textures for All Platforms

1. Halftone

Created by an industry
professional with over a decade of experience, this video texture pack is great
for backgrounds and overlays.


2. Noise

Make some noise for this cool texture pack – add grain or
noise to your film quickly and easily.

3. Paper

15 animated textures await you in this video overlay pack.
They’re easy to use and blend with your footage.

4. Grunge

You’ll never be stuck for choice with this choice of 45
looped clips. They can be combined to make your own unique texture, too.

5. Codes

Enjoy impressive code textures to use as an overlay or
background with this pack – there are 10 to choose from.

Codes Textures
Codes Textures

6. Texture

This pack of 10 textures is perfect for a funky video
background. They’re available in 4K and loop seamlessly.

7. Texture 15

Grains, scratches, clouds… this texture pack has it all.
Colours can be customised and they can be used with an alpha matte too.

8. Noise

With 20 animated video textures, this pack is perfect for
adding grain or noise to your video, for a film or retro look.


9. Gritty

Gritty contains 15 textures for video that you can use to
matte backgrounds and text, or overlay onto your footage for a really grungy

10. Splatter

Enjoy paint splatters in a variety of shapes and sizes with
this looping video texture pack.

Splatter Textures
Splatter Textures

11. Watercolor
Strokes Animated Texture

This 6-pack of watercolour brush stroke textures is unique, helping
to add interest to your film.

12. Stamp

Use these stamp textures to matte your footage, including
text and backgrounds. There are 20 options to choose from.

13. 5
Animated Paper Textures

Overlay these animated paper textures over your video, or
use them as a background – there are 3 ’softened’ versions of each texture

14. Noise
Texture 5

These noise textures are a little different, a little
funkier, than the usual offering. Try them as a background, overlay or with
distortion maps.

15. 50
Animated Textures Pack

Bring your video to life with a huge choice of 50 animated
video textures. Try different blending modes for new results.

50 Animated Textures Pack
50 Animated Textures Pack

16. Digital
Particles Texture

Dazzle your audience with hypnotic digital particles, like
glowing binary code. They’re pretty 01100011 01101111 01101111 01101100.

17. Ocean
Animation Texture

Enjoy this incredibly realistic 3D render of a relaxing
ocean scene, on a 30 second loop

18. Noise
Textures Pack

Add a cool, grungy look to your video using a texture from
this noise and grain pack.

19. 3D
Textures Logo Creator

Something a little different, this download helps you to
create a textured logo in Adobe After Effects. Just drop in your logo or type
your text and you’re good to go.

20. Hacker
Textures And Elements Of Code

A pack of 15 video textures themed around computers awaits
you with this download. Change the colour easily via the alpha channel.

Hacker Textures And Elements Of Code
Hacker Textures And Elements Of Code

21. Firestorm

Sparks fly with this pretty texture of floating embers.
Great for a fantasy themed video, or to add a dreamlike quality to any fire

22. Line
Texture Backgrounds

There are 10 short, looping line-based textures in this pack,
of all shapes, sizes and directions!

23. Live
Crayon Texture – Pack 3

These 3, fun, dynamic crayon textures will add joy to any
video. There are rainbow colours, black and white.

24. Kusi
Texture Pack

Kusi, or ‘happiness’ is a pack of 10 animated textures
perfect for use as a background or to overlay and blend.

25. Floating
Particle Texture

If hundreds of dust particles swirling in a beam of warm
sunlight sounds right up your street, then you’ll adore this video texture!

Floating Particle Texture
Floating Particle Texture

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