25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update)

25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update)

25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update)

25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update)

25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update)
25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update)
25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update) 25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update) 25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update) 25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update) 25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update)

25 Best InDesign Brochure Templates – For Creative Business Marketing (2019 Update)

You might think that brochures are an afterthought these days due to the penetration of digital marketing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Brochure One of the InDesign brochure templates that is trending in 2019
Brochure – One of the InDesign brochure templates that’s trending in 2019.

Let’s take a look at the creative options you’ve got in 2019 when it comes to brochure design. We’ll explore some of the best InDesign templates available from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

The Best InDesign Brochure Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Discover tons of well-designed InDesign brochure templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price.

Each of these top creative marketing brochure ideas from Envato Elements has tons of professional and creative design options. While stacked with pro design features, they’re also quick and easy to work with.

Creative Marketing Brochure Ideas on Envato Elements for 2019
Creative Marketing Brochure Ideas on Envato Elements, for 2019.

Brochures help you get more customers by boosting your credibility. They’re still one of the most effective ways to market your business. Here are just of few uses for brochures:

  • Local clients that you meet with in person will expect you to hand them printed ad material like brochures because that’s what a legitimate business does. They want something visually engaging to take home with them, that they can easily refer to, which highlights your best messaging and key offers. Without brochures as part of your marketing arsenal, your trustworthiness and effectiveness simply drop off.
  • Smart small business owners use brochures in conjunction with a well-planned digital-marketing campaign for the greatest effectiveness. You can also attach brochures as PDFs to your emails or distribute them from your website.
Adobe InDesign Brochure Template
One of many Adobe InDesign brochure templates that’ll look good printed or attached as a PDF to your emails.

Entrepreneurs, designers, marketers and creative agencies can all benefit from using brochures as part of their advertising, too. Why not use one marketing tactic to complement another?

Grab one of these best InDesign templates and increase your marketing results. These easy to customize and editable InDesign brochure templates help you create clean and modern brochures.

Just add your company logo, text, images and preferred colors to these already visually-impactful creative business brochures. Swiftly complete your marketing project with one of these professionally created creative business brochures. Print your brochure and you’re all ready to impress. It’s that easy!      

5 Creative Marketing Brochure Ideas 
(New From Envato Elements – For 2019)

Here are a handful of Adobe InDesign templates for 2019 (with creative and professional designs to represent your brand) that are trending on Envato Elements:

1. Product 4P Brochure InDesign

Product 4P Brochure InDesign

This creative business brochures template is based on a 12-column grid. It was designed as a universal template. Use it for any type of business content. Contains the components you need to create a professional brochure.

2. Creative Business Brochures Template Vol.16

Creative Business Brochures Template Vol16

With its top-notch professional design, the Creative Business Brochures template will help you to effectively promote your business. Use 12-page design for any type of promotional project.

3. Portfolio – Best InDesign Brochure Template

Portfolio Best InDesign Brochure Template

This professional and clean InDesign brochure template is a great choice for many different types of businesses. All 20 A5 pages can be edited and customized to meet your needs. You’ll love this brochure created InDesign.

4. Creative Agency – Square Portfolio Brochure

Creative Agency Square Portfolio Brochure InDesign Template

Use the Creative Agency brochure InDesign template Vol2 for any type of creative business where a portfolio is needed such as in photography, design studio, web development and many more. The minimalist template and clean-cut design also works for many other industries.

This brochure will effectively showcase the work you’ve done. It comes with a 24-page catalog portfolio that includes an about section, a portfolio section, an illustrator section, and a photography quote. Customize the template colors according to your brand. 

5. Georgyno – Elegant Trifold InDesign CC Brochure Templates

Georgyno Elegant Trifold InDesign CC Brochure Templates

Here’s one of our most elegant InDesign brochure templates. This creative, clean, minimal and professional trifold brochure works well for modern companies, businesses, groups, organizations and corporations. This template is a wonderful multipurpose brochure design Adobe InDesign template. Use this creative business brochure for various marketing projects such as catalogs, products, art, portfolios, photography, food—or any other need you’ve got.

Envato Elements (Unlimited Design Assets)

Envato Elements - Unlimited digital assets for one low price
Envato Elements – Unlimited digital assets for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from brochure design InDesign templates to royalty free audio tracks, and more—all for one low price.

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many creative templates, graphics and royalty free audio as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy a new brochure design InDesign templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our Envato Market below.

Best InDesign Brochure Templates for 2019 on Envato Market (Buy It One At A Time)

We also have you covered if you need to buy InDesign CC brochure templates one at a time, in our brochure InDesign template category of GraphicRiver, which is part of our Envato Market. Here are a few of the best InDesign brochure templates from our best-selling creative marketing brochure ideas from this year (2019):

Some of our best InDesign brochure templates for 2019, available for sale on Envato Market.

19+ Creative InDesign Brochure Templates (GraphicRiver)

Here’s a detailed rundown of our best-selling, most creative InDesign business brochure templates on GraphicRiver from this year:

1. The Company Profile InDesign Template

The Company Profile InDesign Template

Impress your leads and clients with this powerful and effective marketing brochure. With a minimalist design and a contrasting color scheme, its bold look will capture the attention of your readers in no time flat. 

Easily communicate what your small business is all about and what your product or service can do for your target market. It comes in two sizes, A4 and Letter, and is compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6.

2. The Brochure – INDD Print Template

The Brochure - INDD Print Template

Creative and clean in its presentation style, this professional brochure is a highly effective way of conveying your marketing message. Featuring generous white space and padding, the layout makes it easy for your readers to absorb and retain information. 

Its creative layout is ideal for any type of small business, agency, designer or marketer to use to land more clients. It’s print-ready design is setup in both A4 and US letter sizes. It’s compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5 & CS6. It also has vector graphics, free fonts, and more packaged inside the template files for easy customization.

3. Company Profile InDesign Square Brochure

Company Profile Square INDD Brochure

If you’re looking for a unique take on the marketing brochure, try this square template in all its aesthetic effectiveness. Its grid-column layout increases the readability of your marketing message, making it likelier that your audience remembers key points of information. 

Its bright and eye-catching design is suitable for showcasing the creativity of your small business. With 20 customizable pages, this square brochure puts you in control of your print marketing.

4. Brochure Template for InDesign – A4 and Letter

Brochure Template for InDesign - A4 and Letter

As far as InDesign brochure templates go, this one has you covered with 20 pages and three, unique covers. Showcase your latest products or services to your target market, or simply humanize your small business by featuring various employees that work for you. 

Whatever you choose to do, this brochure’s clean and sophisticated look makes your marketing message more attractive and persuasive. You can even extend its use as a PDF email attachment or distribute it as an online brochure.

5. Company Profile Brochure – INDD Template

Company Profile Brochure - INDD Template

This creative company brochure template features 24 pages of fully customizable content, is print-ready, and requires a minimum of Adobe InDesign CS4. 

Its easy editing capacity makes it quick to use, as you can tailor your marketing approach to how you see fit in snagging more leads and clients. Its cool, blue, color tones, and triangular design elements make it stand out with a modern creative design. It comes in A4 paper size.

6. Trifold Brochure – InDesign Template

Trifold Brochure - InDesign Template

With a classic quality brochure design, this trifold layout has stood the test of time, and is still ideal for your marketing efforts. Put the power of your messaging communication directly into the hands of your clients and customers with this clean and well-thought-out design. 

Readers will appreciate the beautiful tracking in between letters of the typeface for maximum legibility. Featuring full editing capabilities and two fonts (Roboto and Montserrat), this creative template is ready to go!

7. 2-in-1/Corporate Brochure + Annual Report

2-in-1 Corporate Brochure InDesign Annual Report

Available in bold, striking cover colors, this InDesign brochure template satisfies both your marketing and report-tracking needs. It comes with 36 pages in total, all of which are subject to full customization, so that you can get your marketing message across just the way you want it! 

Some of its attributes are three unique color schemes, four distinct fonts, print-ready status, and various character and paragraph styles from which to choose.

8. Multicorp Brochure Template – INDD

Multicorp Brochure Template INDD

Suitable for all sorts of small businesses, this corporate style template is the difference between delivering your marketing effectively and failing to successfully tell the marketplace about your product or service. 

Everything on this template can be efficiently customized to your liking, from the typography to the content’s messaging. The designs inclusion of many images adds to the legible quality and creative feel. It’s available in Letter and A4 sizes.

9. Brochure Template for InDesign – Cingo

Brochure Template for InDesign Cingo

Empowering you to create or delete pages at will, this handy brochure template comes with 20 unique pages overall. This makes it well-suited to handle your marketing message, whether that’s explaining your newest product launch or simply telling customers about the culture at your small business! You only need a minimum Adobe InDesign version of CS3 to make this work, and it comes with print-ready colors.

10. The Business Brochure Template File

The Business Brochure Template File

Using copious color contrast to highlight the most important elements on a page and guide the readers’ eyes, the Business Brochure is a great example of both a creative and clean template that’s designed for multipurpose use. 

It features free fonts, 24 pages in total, a six-column grid layout, full customization of text and colors, and Letter and A4 sizes. Educate your consumers about your products just as easily as you share your company profile and spread your brand!

11. Creative Business Brochure Template

Creative Business Brochure Template INDD

This 16-page document is sure to solve your promotional needs. Presented in a 6/12 grid column and armed with various free fonts, this brochure template has quality appeal to your prospects’ aesthetic side. 

Since this brochure design is fully editable, you can be sure to communicate your small business brand exactly the way you want to your leads and customers. With generous white space and tracking between letters, your marketing message comes through loud and clear!

12. Creative Portfolio Brochure – INDD

Creative Portfolio Brochure INDD

This layered document gives you the opportunity to make your business shine. Its 16 pages are totally customizable, so you’re in 100% control of your print advertising campaign. 

Show off this brochure to leads, or even use it as part of a strategic, direct-mail campaign to increase your brand awareness for your small business. However you use it, know that it’s going to make a great impression for your brand in the marketplace.

13. The Trifold Modern Brochure Template

The Trifold Modern Brochure Template

Modern, sophisticated and eye-catching, this trifold brochure relies on a classic layout and combines it with today’s sleek design to create a great template for your print advertising campaign. 

Due to its multipurpose design, this template is a great fit for any small business in any industry. Its fully editable scheme lets you customize it to the marketing message that you want to send out to your developing client base. It comes with free fonts and in size A4.

14. Go Creative InDesign Trifold Brochure

Go Creative InDesign Trifold Brochure

With a classic style of brochure design, this trifold layout is easy to handle and turn over in your readers’ hands. This brochure is a convenient way to promote your small business and control your marketing message. 

Its stand-out, red color strongly contrasts with the neutral tones of the brochure, ensuring that your message pops and can’t be missed by your target audience! It features easy-to-edit pages, organized layers and print-readiness.

15. Multipurpose INDD Corporate Brochure

Multipurpose INDD Corporate Brochure

No matter what industry your small business is in, you can efficiently adapt this brochure template to your marketing message and target customers. InDesign brochure templates like this one are completely customizable, so that you can ensure full control of your promotional advertising. 

Tell your customers about new products, services and your small business philosophy. It comes with four free fonts and is print-ready for immediate use.

16. Brand Manual and Identity InDesign Template

Brand Manual and Identity InDesign Template

Every business comes to the point of growing and scaling. To keep your message and standards consistent, you must establish a clear brand manual. You can do that with this brand manual and identity template with 40 different pages and detailed documentation.

17. Proposal and Portfolio InDesign Template

Proposal and Portfolio InDesign Template

If you’re looking for a clean and professional look to represent your business, look no further. Use this minimal and professional 36-page proposal brochure template designed for creative businesses. It’s compatible with Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word and Apple Pages in International DIN A4 and US Letter format.

18. Corporate Business Brochure Template

Corporate Business Brochure Template

You can’t go wrong with this professional, clean and modern 16-page corporate business brochure template. Just drop in your own pictures and texts, and it’s ready for print. Or use it as a professional online PDF or email attachment.

19. Annual Report InDesign Template

Annual Report InDesign Template

An annual report is a comprehensive report on a company’s activities throughout the preceding year. Annual reports are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company’s activities and financial performance. With this 26-page InDesign template, you’ll have your report ready in no time.

20. How We Look – Brand Guidelines InDesign Template

How We Look - Brand Guidelines InDesign Template

Here’s another brand manual InDesign template you can use for your business. The brochure template includes logo, color, typography and style guide pages so you can easily customize to fit your needs.

How to Design a Brochure for Powerful Marketing Results

Our wonderful collection of Envato Market InDesign brochure templates offers small businesses of all industries the marketing tools they need to succeed. 

Even in today’s digital marketing-obsessed world, print ads like brochures are still consistently effective. By placing something palpable and substantial into your customers’ hands, they can easily refer to it and get in touch with your small business at any time.

But even with a high-quality template, you still need the design savvy to correctly frame your marketing message within your brochure.

Here are a few quick pointers to ensure you’ve got the best brochure design:

1. Design for Your Prospects

IMPALA - InDesign Brochure Template
When designing for your prospects don’t forget to keep their interests in your mind instead of your preferences.

Make the brochure about your leads and potential customers instead of all about your brand. By positioning your small business as the solution to your prospects’ problem, you stand to persuade them to choose your business with greater success.

2. Write Stellar Sales Copy

Often an afterthought in brochure design, nailing the copy is essential to your messaging success. What does that mean? Make sure the font is readable, there’s adequate spacing between letters, the copy is chunked into smaller paragraphs, and sentences communicate your brand’s benefits and value proposition clearly.

3. Make It Evergreen

Company Profile InDesign Template
This evergreen InDesign template can be used over and over again.

Focus on timeless information if possible and make it so useful that your readers want to keep or share the brochure. Some things you may want to include are checklists, cheat sheets and any other useful information in your industry that’ll be relevant in the years to come.

4. Include a Strong Call-To-Action

No matter how beautiful your brochure design and smart your copy, always include a clear call to action. Don’t leave it to chance and make sure your potential clients take action right away before they forget about you forever.

5. Present With High-Quality Graphics

Wow your readers right off the bat. Use high-quality, professional images in your brochure, and ensure that your brochure’s appearance is appropriate for your brand positioning. For instance: 

Learn more about how to make a creative business brochure in this ultimate guide, whether from a template, or from scratch in InDesign: 

Grab a Creative Brochure Template Today!

Now’s a great time to add marketing brochure templates to your pipeline. Put together a piece of sales literature that your potential clients can take home with them, or that you can email to their inbox. 

There are plenty of ways to create that professional and modern brochure with these easy to use brochure design Adobe InDesign templates. Browse our wide-selection of brochure design InDesign templates for 2019 from Envato Elements, or Envato Market and grab the ones that are right for you and get to market your brand with a creative professional touch.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding brochure design InDesign templates with the best new creative and professional designs.