20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates

20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates

20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates

20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates

20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates
20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates
20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates 20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates 20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates 20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates 20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates

20 Coolest Cinema 4D Templates

Cinema 4D is
a 3D modelling, rendering, animation, and motion graphics software package that is used
by many companies working in broadcast media, advertising, architecture,
gaming and design to create outstanding 3D visuals.

With its amazing toolset, ease of use and compatibility with
the Adobe and other popular applications, it appeals to creatives who need to
add 3D elements to their workflow.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you 20 of the coolest Cinema 4D templates to
be found at VideoHive.
Most are animated logos that work well as intros for various multimedia
projects, while a few offer other features like infographics.

1. Cubist
C4D Logo Animation

Cubist C4D Logo Animation

The Cubist
C4D Logo Animation
provides a choice of two beautifully designed logos
created from cubes flying together to form the text and shape of a logo. 

A 20-minute
video tutorial is provided to help users replace the sample with their own
logo. The complementary background sound is also included in the file.

2. Dynamic

Dynamic Countdown

Dynamic Countdown uses balls
continually reforming from nine to zero to create a rather quirky and charming
way of counting down. 

Users with just beginner skills in Cinema 4D can easily
replace the balls with any other geometrical shape and change the font, text, colour,
background and transition speed to suit your needs.

3. Book


Book is an interesting and engaging
way to present video clips, photographs, art portfolio or even a book of
recipes. There are three styles of books to choose from in this template, and
each presents a book which moves around the screen as the pages turn to present
new content. 

Three video tutorials are included with purchases to help you
integrate content.

4. 3D
Magazine Animation

3D Magazine Animation

3D Magazine Animation doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the
previous template, but its clean and simple design will appeal to those who
want to present their photos, images or other portfolio images in a straightforward

The templates provide users with ten magazine pages and comes in three

5. Geometry

Geometry Logo

Geometry Logo has a hand-drawn
quality that would be well suited to those looking for a fresh and creative way
to present their logo. 

This template runs for around nine seconds, is very easy to
edit, and renders very quickly.

6. Spline
Logo 2

Spline Logo 2

Spline Logo 2 has more of a clean modern feel, so would
probably be best suited for corporate or media businesses. 

This Cinema 4D logo comes
with a useful video tutorial to help you customise the template.  

7. Info
Graphs 3D

Info Graphs 3D

Info Graphs 3D is a bit of a
departure from the other templates featured here. It isn’t a logo like many of
the other templates, but as the name suggests provides 52 professionally
executed graphs in five different themes. 

Ideal for financial firms or other
corporations that process comparative data often.

8. Epic
Logo Reveal

Epic Logo Reveal

Epic Logo Reveal is perfect for
those looking for a long template with a bit of cinema theatrics. The template
is 25 seconds long, easy to customise and includes the audio file.

As with the
other templates, tutorials are provided to help you update the template with
your own information.

9. Kids
Film Intro 4D

Kids Film Intro 4D

Film Intro 4D
is a wonderful opener for any film targeting kids. The
template is just 23 seconds long, and the cartoon graphics are colourful and
playful as to be expected.

Though the music track isn’t included with the
template, but the vendor provides a link where you can purchase it.

10. Kids
Text 2

Kids Text 2

Kids Text 2 is another
child-friendly intro template. This one uses wonderfully animated text instead
of cartoons.

Three backgrounds are included with the template which uses Full
HD 1080p and HD 1280p. No plugins are required for the template, and a video
tutorial is included.

11. Animation

Animation Trailer

If you’re looking for a trailer to advertise an upcoming
animation project, Animation Trailer is an
ideal template for promoting your project in a light-hearted way. 

The template
comes in two resolutions, and provides a video tutorial to help you customise
it easily and quickly.

12. Water
Logo Reveal

Water Logo Reveal

If you like the look
of blue water rippling under a strong breeze, then you’ll probably like Water Logo Reveal. The fully customisable template works well
with any logo that is square or rectangular in shape. 

Just follow the
step-by-step video tutorial to have your logo set up in no time.

13. Elegant 3D

Elegant 3D Intro

The clean and simple
style of Elegant
3D Intro
will appeal to businesses looking for a professional intro
template for corporate projects. 

The template uses a resizable resolution, so
it can be used in projects of varying sizes and is easy to customise once you
follow the instructions in the video tutorial provided.

14. Text
Logo Opener

Text Logo Opener

Text Logo Opener is quite stylish, and will appeal to
companies that don’t mind stepping out of the corporate mould. 

The template
comes in two versions, one with text only and one with text and logo.

15. Circles
Logo C4D

Circles Logo C4D

The Circles Logo C4D is not to be outdone.
It is simpler than the Text Logo Opener above but certainly not short on

The template comes in four
different colours, and a tutorial is provided to show you how to adapt a
logo to the template.

16. Explosion

Explosion Logo

There is something very organic looking about Explosion Logo. The 12 second long
intro starts with a fiery explosion that sends particles of ash into the air.
These particles then form the text of the logo as the smoke from the fire

Probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but it will certainly bring
drama to any project it opens.

17. Comedy

Comedy Show

Speaking of a template not being everyone’s cup of tea, Comedy Show template will probably
appeal to a limited number of palettes. 

However, with its bright upbeat colours
and flashing graphics, it would work very well for those in show business,
particularly those, as the name suggests, in comedy.

18. Transforming
Logo Reveal

Transforming Logo Reveal

Transforming Logo Reveal is
another quite specialised template that would make a great opener for content
created by gamers, or perhaps sci-fi or technology. 

A four-minute video walks
users through steps to customising the template by changing colour, text, font
and scale or importing your own logo.

19. Sport
News Intro

Sport News Intro

Sport news producers will most appreciate the Sport News Intro template, which
provides not only a wonderfully dynamic opener, but several stylish lower
thirds and transitions as well.

20. 3D Broadcast Logo Animation

 3D Broadcast Logo Animation

Another logo that is a perfect fit for the world of
television broadcast, 3D Broadcast Logo Animation is a
chic and snappy animated logo that is ready to use for any television or
YouTube intro, just by replacing the text with your own. 


These 20 cool Cinema 4D templates are just a small selection
of the thousands of amazing Cinema 4D templates we have available at VideoHive,
so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great
options to choose from.

And if you want to improve your skills building motion
graphics yourself, then check out some of the ever-so-useful 3D
and motion graphics tutorials
 we have on offer.