19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations

19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations

19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations

19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations

19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations
19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations
19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations 19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations 19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations 19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations 19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations

19 Best Sports PowerPoint Templates for Team Presentations

Are you someone who wants to make a professional-looking sports presentation, but you don’t have the time to make PowerPoint slides from a blank presentation? You could use a template, but do you know where to find excellent quality templates? Look no further—here are some amazing sports-themed PowerPoint templates. 

Many of these templates are multi-purpose, so you can use them to make a professional sports PowerPoint presentation or you can use them to create an informal football PowerPoint presentation or just a general sports PowerPoint template.

Ability Sports PowerPoint Presentation
Ability is one of many sports templates you’ll find on Envato Elements.

With our large selection of many multi-purpose slides, you don’t need to worry about sports presentation ideas. No need to scour the internet for a free soccer PowerPoint template or for a football PowerPoint presentation. You can use our professionally-designed sports PowerPoint templates. 

They come with a ton of features that make it easy to create impressive professional and high-quality presentations. Here are two places to get those professional sports templates: Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Best PowerPoint Sports Template Designs on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

To access the Envato Elements presentation templates, all you need to do is subscribe and pay a monthly fee. Through this monthly subscription, you get access to a library of thousands of downloadable presentation ideas, templates, stock photos, fonts, stock video, sound effects, and so much more.

Envato Elements Sports PowerPoint Template
Sports Presentation Templates found on Envato Elements.

If you want bold and professional slides, then download these today. With Envato Elements, you get an unlimited number for a low price.

5 Top Sports PPT Presentation Templates (Elements)

Here’s a curated list of the best sports PowerPoint presentation templates from Envato Elements:

1. Gesture Athletics – a Sports PowerPoint Template

Gesture Athletics Template

This professional PowerPoint template has 35 different slides, all in high definition. The template has easy drag-and-drop functionality. Being able to change the picture makes it easy to use for many different purposes. The slides are fully editable, meaning that you can create a PowerPoint presentation that fits your needs.

2. Sepirit

Sepirit Sports PowerPoint Slides

Sepirit is a modern PowerPoint template that can be used for any theme you want. Here are some features of Sepirit:

  • dark and light versions
  • three pre-prepared colored themes
  • a widescreen format for widescreen devices
  • a standard format for standard devices
  • 30 different slides      

Sepirit is the right presentation template for you if want a state-of-the-art theme with three different color themes.

3. Sporta PowerPoint Presentation Template

Sporta Sports PowerPoint Slides

This is a contemporary, professional PowerPoint presentation template with 30 unique slides. In this sports presentation template, there are three different color themes. With this template, you get both widescreen format and standard format.

4. Sportify – Sports PowerPoint Slides

Spority Sports PowerPoint Template

Sportify is a bold and modern PowerPoint Template with 30 different slides. You can quickly change the color of the theme to fit your sports presentation idea. To add pictures to this sports PowerPoint presentation, all you’ve got to do is drag and drop your image in the template.

5. Exhibition: Sports Design Slides Template

Exhibition Sports Design Slides Template

Exhibition is a multipurpose template that’s easily customizable and professional. Here are the highlights of this template:

  • 1,200 unique slides
  • five ready-made themes, each with different colors
  • widescreen format and standard format
  • drag and drop pictures to add to PowerPoint
  • multipurpose and modern

Are you looking to make a presentation that’s professional? Exhibition is the right template for you—with over 1,200 slides, you can get creative with this template.

Best Sports PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find the best PowerPoint presentation templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price.

Unlimited PowerPoint Templates
You can find high-quality premium sports PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements – with unlimited access.

These ready-to-use templates for sports PowerPoint presentations have unique slide designs and great visuals to choose from. You can use them to showcase the concepts in your PowerPoint presentation, with pre-built slides for your:

  • football PowerPoint presentation
  • soccer PowerPoint presentation
  • baseball PowerPoint presentation
  • other sports PowerPoint presentation

When you’re preparing to give your presentation, you need all of the help you can get to save time and impress the audience. Starting with pre-built sports design slides templates will save you hours of design work and impress your audience. 

Just add your ideas and key data to these already visually impactful sports PPT slides, quickly prep your sports PowerPoint template, and you’re ready for your presentation.  

14 More Premium Sports Templates to Download From GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver has thousands of templates, logos, and more. By using GraphicRiver, you make a one-time purchase of the sports PowerPoint template you want.

1. Sportivo Sport PowerPoint Template

Sportivo Sport PowerPoint Template

This sports design slides template has over 500 slide templates to choose from. You can easily add any picture you want by dragging and dropping your photo in the placeholders. This template even has high-quality country maps that you can edit. These sports PowerPoint slides are perfect for a football PowerPoint presentation

2. Running Mate: Sports PowerPoint Presentation Template

Running Mate Sports PowerPoint Presentation Template

This sports PowerPoint template has a total of 120 contemporary-looking templates. These sports design slides templates come with different color variations such as blue, purple, and red. The template is high definition and comes in standard format and wide format.

3. Vortifity – Sports PowerPoint Template

Vortify Sports PowerPoint Template

Vortifity is a powerful template that’s perfect for a sports business. Here are some features of Vortifity:

  • unlimited color choices
  • custom Microsoft PowerPoint colors
  • 60 unique slides
  • slides with animation    

Are you looking to make a powerful sports presentation? Then look no further: Vortifity is the right template for you. With unlimited color choices and 60 different slides, you can make a powerful presentation and wow your audience with your sports presentation ideas.

4. Ability: Sports Presentation Template

Ability Sports Presentation Ideas

With the sport, fitness or gym theme and unlimited color options, this template is very customizable. You can tailor your slides even more with dark and light versions. You also get 110 multipurpose slides that work with any theme you choose.

5. Smooth Sailing: Sports PowerPoint Template

Smooth Sailing Sports PowerPoint Template

This minimalistic PowerPoint template has 40 different slides that are in high definition. These sports PowerPoint slides are easily customizable by dragging and dropping images in a placeholder, and you can remove and reshape any object in the sports design slides template. You can use any font and change the background color.

6. Windwalk

Windwalk Sports Presentation Template

Windwalk is a minimalistic PowerPoint presentation with a modern feel. Here are some features of this presentation template:

  • 78 unique high-definition slides
  • dark and light versions
  • 10 ready-made color themes
  • drag and drop images to add images
  • animation between slides

If you’re looking for a presentation that’s creative and minimal at the same time, then Windwalk is the presentation template for you.

7. Fitness – Sports PowerPoint Template

Fitness Sports PowerPoint Template

There are over 1,350 slides that are fully and easily editable. With 50 theme colors and over 500 editable icons, you can turn this presentation into anything you want. You’ll get many different sections that give you enough room to cover everything you want to talk about.

8. Sport

Sport PowerPoint Template

This modern high-definition template is a multi-purpose presentation that can be used for any type of presentation that fits your needs, whether that is a football PowerPoint presentation or a presentation on the importance of sports. It’s got placeholders for images, so all you’ve got to do is drag and drop images to customize your sports PowerPoint presentation. You can easily change the colors, and there’s a customizable world map.

9. Chalk: Sports Design Slides Template

Chalk Sports Design Slides Template

Chalk is the perfect presentation template if you’re teaching sports. With the chalkboard feel, you’ll be able to present professionally. Here are some highlights of this template:

  • 19 different layouts
  • 30 unique slides
  • transitions between pages
  • black chalkboard background
  • green chalkboard background

Are you a teacher and want a fun, yet professional PowerPoint presentation? Whether you’re making a presentation on the importance of sports, a football PowerPoint presentation, or looking for a free soccer PowerPoint template, then look no further. This is the best sports PowerPoint template for you.

10. Sport – Sports PowerPoint Presentation

Sport Sports PowerPoint Presentation

With this sports presentation, you can easily change the graphics’ size and color. There are infographic and chart slides to put all your data in your presentation. So whether your presentation is on the importance of sports or a general sports PowerPoint presentation, Sport is the solution you’re looking for. These sports PowerPoint slides also come with animation between slides and for objects.

11. Epic: Sports PowerPoint Slide

Epic Sports PowerPoint Slides

Epic has over 300 exclusive slides with ten color themes. There are calendar slides and infographic slides in this template. With a light and dark version and four different formats, you can fully adapt this template to how you want it.

12. X-Sport – Sports PowerPoint Template

X Sport Sports PowerPoint Template

X-Sport is a modern sports template that has lots of graphics options. Here are some features:

  • easily editable charts such as pie, bar, and line
  • over 500 editable icons
  • fully editable template
  • slide transition animation
  • drag and drop pictures into placeholders

X-Sport is a contemporary and fully editable presentation template. X-Sport is a great template if you want full creative control. With the drag-and-drop feature and over 500 editable icons, you get as much creative control as you want.

13. EM Golf – Sports Design Slides Template

EM Golf Sports Design Slides TemplateTemplate

With this minimalistic and stylish presentation, you get free fonts and updates. All the slides are high definition and come in a standard format and widescreen format. You can easily edit this sports design slides template. This presentation also has infographic and map slides. Have you ever had anyone tell you golf isn’t a sport? Then this sports PowerPoint template is for you. With EM Golf, you can easily make a PowerPoint on the importance of sports, such as golf.

14. EM High Wave

EM High Wave Sports Presentation Template

In this easy-to-edit slide template, you get free fonts and free updates. All of the slides are animated and professional looking. The slides come in standard size and are based on the master slides.

How to Get The Most Out of Your PowerPoint Sports Presentation

If you’ve got a sport presentation that you need to make quickly and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five tips to help get you started.

1. Decide How You Want to Start

Between the logo slide, big question slide, introductory slide, roadmap slide and the team slide, which slide is right? You want to start out your presentation with an excellent first impression. The first slide sets the tone of the rest of your presentation. So it’s essential to know which slide to use.

2. Know Your Audience

When presenting, find out what your audience knows. This helps you not to bore your audience with information that they already know. Knowing your audience helps keep your audience engaged with what you’re saying.

3. Be Creative

Sporte Creative PowerPoint Presentation

Make your presentation fun for you and your audience by taking the time to be creative with your sports presentation ideas and with what you’re presenting. Finding a creative template is an excellent start to having a creative presentation. 

Even if you’re using a sports design slides template, you can still be creative. Be careful not to add too much to your slides because that will overwhelm your audience. There are more tips for making your presentation creative in this tutorial:

4. Use Presenter View

PowerPoint Presenter View lets you see the slide that you’re showing everyone and the next slide and the notes that go with both slides. By using Presenter View, you’ll be able to use your speaker notes and prepare for what you’re going to say next so that you don’t lose your place. This helps you to remain professional if you forget what you’re about to say next. PowerPoint Presenter View is easy to use and turn on.

5. Have a Q&A

Exhibition Sports PowerPoint Template

If what you’re presenting is a difficult topic or you’re presenting for an extended period of time, it’s best to have a question slide at the end of your deck. By engaging your audience with a Q&A, you’re making sure that your audience is fully informed of what you’ve got to say. Creating an “Any Questions” Slide as your last slide is an excellent way to end a presentation.

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Find More Great PowerPoint Templates

If you’re looking for more inspiration, here are some articles with even more great PowerPoint PPT templates:

Download a Sports Presentation Template Today

We’ve just explored 20 great sports presentation templates for PowerPoint. You’ve also learned some sports presentation ideas that’ll help you improve your slideshow. 

Why not download your favorite sports presentation template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver and start your presentation now?