15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019

15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019

15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019

15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019

15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019
15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019
15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019 15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019 15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019 15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019 15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019

15 Top Meet the Team & Org Chart PowerPoint Templates for 2019

Have you got a big investor presentation coming up? Do you need a great way to wow potential funders with the skills team members have?

Instead of doing a long-winded speech about every team member, introduce your staff in an easy and visual way by including a meet the team organization chart inside your PowerPoint presentation.

Org Chart for PowerPoint from Elements
The Staff is just one of the many meet the team PowerPoint templates you’ll find on Envato Elements.

In this guide, I’m going to show you some of the best meet the team and org chart templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver that you can use to make your investor presentation a winner.

Best PowerPoint Org Chart Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

There are thousands of PowerPoint business organizational chart templates on Envato Elements, and there’s a great offer you can take advantage of: download as many templates as you want for one low price.

Envato Elements Unlimited Templates
Professional PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements with unlimited access.

The PowerPoint organizational chart templates featured here from Envato Elements will let you create organizational charts quickly so you can easily present information about organization and team structure.

If you need an organizational chart example that you can customize quickly, this article will show you the best designed and easiest ones to work with. These templates are particularly helpful if you’re still developing design skills.

They’ll help you create a professional looking organizational chart in PowerPoint when you most want to impress. And they save time, too. With one of these professional organizational chart PowerPoint templates you can create a meet the team or org chart in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

business organizational chart templates from Envato Elements
Choose from some of the best business org chart templates on Envato Elements.

You can quickly add in photos, job titles or roles, and brief descriptions to give a quick update on the internal organization of your company.

Creating an org chart in PowerPoint can also help you when you need to outline your business organizational structure. For example, when you’re in the middle of a company reorganization and want to be clear about who does what, it’s helpful to use a company organizational chart to keep track.

Do you have a new hire who needs to get up to speed on team roles fast? Org chart templates are useful for onboarding new employees so they know immediately who’s responsible for what and where they should go for help with particular tasks.

Best Meet the Team Templates on Envato for 2019

When you’re creating an investor presentation or onboarding new hires, you want to present core information quickly without overwhelming the viewers. Here are some of the best meet the team templates on Envato Elements to help you to achieve that.

1. Team Player PowerPoint Template

Team Player business organizational chart

This organizational chart presentation template includes 20 slide masters and two slide sizes so you can lay out your org chart in the best way.

The slide deck includes matching diagrams, charts, and tables so you can have a unified design for your overall presentation. It also makes it easy to edit backgrounds, images and text to make the sample organizational chart PowerPoint template your own.

2. Startup Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Startup company org chart in PowerPoint

These creative org chart PowerPoint templates are an excellent way to illustrate your business organizational structure. As well as several meet the team slide templates, the slide deck set includes templates for showcasing projects, proposals and services.

There are 200 slides in all in this template set, with both animated and non-animated versions. It also includes more than 4,000 vector icons and free fonts.

3. The Staff – PowerPoint Template

The Staff PowerPoint business org chart

This new org chart template includes more than 150 slide templates in five different colors. The organizational chart template PowerPoint set offers you several ways to introduce investors and new staff to your team structure, and you can choose your colors to match your branding. It’s easy to drop in photos and titles in this easy to customize PowerPoint organizational chart.

4. Ankara – Construction PowerPoint Template

Ankara company org chart PowerPoint

Ankara features a bold modern design for its PowerPoint organizational chart slides. It provides an easy way to showcase important team members, including names, roles and brief descriptions.

In addition, you can use other slides in the template to highlight other aspects of your business, such as key stats, history and more. This template includes 12 files in six premade colors.

5. The X Note – PowerPoint Template

X-Note PowerPoint business organizational chart

This is a modern PowerPoint organizational chart available in a range of color schemes, including with light and dark backgrounds. There are 40 unique slides for each theme. This is an excellent way to communicate key facts of your business quickly and easily, including an introduction to key members of your team.

Envato Elements (Unlimited Digital Assets)

Get unlimited digital assets with Envato Elements
Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a great offer you can’t afford to pass up.

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to more than a million digital assets—from org chart PowerPoint templates to graphics, audio and video—all for one low price.

Envato Elements pricing
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

Download as many templates as you need to suit all your presentation and organizational needs.

To find the right template, go to Envato Elements, type in your search terms, and use the filters on the left of the page to refine your search till you find the perfect template. Once you’ve added it to your downloads, it’s easy to start customizing.

15 PowerPoint Organizational Chart Templates on GraphicRiver (For 2019)

Envato Elements is a great option for unlimited access to virtually unlimited resources. However, if you just want a single org chart in PowerPoint, check out the selection from GraphicRiver below.

Org Chart Templates on GraphicRiver
You can find great PowerPoint organizational chart templates on GraphicRiver

Here are 15 of the best org chart PowerPoint templates that you can quickly use to showcase your team.

1. Organizational & Data Chart Presentation

Business organizational chart in PowerPoint

This business organizational chart template is an easy way to visualize important data about your internal team. It makes it super simple to replace placeholder images with your team’s pictures.

This template pack includes a whopping 1200 slides so you can easily showcase your organization chart in a range of color schemes. It’s editable in Excel, too.

2. Structure PowerPoint Presentation

Structure PowerPoint org chart

The organizational chart PowerPoint template set includes several meet the team slide templates so you can highlight team members, both as part of an organizational chart and individually.

This clean, minimalist design has 82 unique slides, all easily editable. With simple color blocks, and animations and transitions included, this makes it easy to highlight your organization.

3. Marketin’ – PowerPoint Presentation Template

Marketin sample organizational chart

This slide deck contains a number of PowerPoint org chart template slides, allowing you to present member of your team in a variety of ways.

Whether you prefer blue or orange color schemes, you’ll be able to find an attractive option for presenting your team in this slide template pack. Based on full HD resolution, this template set includes more than 110 slides.

4. Big Company PowerPoint Presentation Template

BigCompany organizational chart template

This PowerPoint slide collection includes several meet the team slides, so you can present your team in different ways.

It’s also a great way to do an overall investor presentation, with chart and graph templates that are easy to customize. It includes five color variants and 59 slides, so you’ve got a wide range of choice for your next organization chart presentation.

5. Company PowerPoint Presentation

Company  sample organizational chart powerpoint

The Company PowerPoint template set has 18 slides, including two meet the team slides in light and dark backgrounds. These allow you to show a full body image of team members, and there’s space for a description as well as name and role. If you’re looking for a simple approach, this could be the template for you.

6. Slip Company PowerPoint Presentation Template

Slip organizational chart powerpoint

There are several meet the team slide templates in this PowerPoint presentation template set. It’s got 79 unique slides, enabling you to present various aspects of your company.

In addition to your org chart, you can also use this template to create infographics, maps, charts, portfolios, and much more. It’s got 18 master slides and six different colors.

7. Blues PowerPoint Presentation Template

Blues organizational chart template powerpoint

Love blue? Then you’ll love the Blues PowerPoint presentation template. It’s got 60 creative and elegant slides, including several PowerPoint org chart templates.

It’s an excellent way to present your business to customers, and you can harmonize your org chart with human resources content, charts, maps, infographics and much more.

8. Clean Presentation

Clean powerpoint organizational chart

If you’re looking for a modern look, this PowerPoint org chart template is a good choice. With 4 color variations and high resolution, these easy to edit templates help you wow investors and new hires with crisp flat design.

In addition to presenting the team, the included PowerPoint templates let you highlight services, pricing and more. It includes 10 slides in five color schemes.

9. 5-in-1 PPT Bundle

bundle organizational chart example

This PowerPoint bundle is an excellent choice for business and corporate presentations. It’s got a few options for meet the team and org chart PowerPoint slides in different colors, layouts and styles.

It includes 800 slides with light and dark backgrounds and there are 23 color schemes. That gives you a wide choice for your next presentation.

10. FIT – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

FIT powerpoint org chart template

The FIT PowerPoint slide bundle has a huge range of org chart and meet the team slides with varying designs and layouts. The bundle includes 15 theme colors, animations, and an easy one-click color switcher for superfast customization. It also includes 490 slides.

11. Karma Minimal PowerPoint Template

Karma company organizational chart

If you want to strip your presentation right back to basics, consider presenting your org chart PowerPoint with the Karma template. In simple black and white, these slides have a classic and elegant look to create a strong professional impact for any presentation.

12. YoYo PowerPoint Template

YoYo business organizational chart

This PowerPoint template bundle has myriad ways to present your organization and team chart to make all roles clear to everyone. This bundle has more than 100 unique slides enabling you to really put your organization’s marketing on steroids.

13. HEXAGON EASY Animated PowerPoint Template

Hexagon org chart in powerpoint

This business organizational chart template will appeal to people who want a quick and simple approach to presenting company data.

It includes 11 unique slides including a meet the team org chart template, and changing the colors is simple. With no additional fonts required, this template is particularly easy to use.

14. Axis PowerPoint Template

Axis business organizational template

This is another simple presentation design with light and dark slides to enable you to quickly present company information. It’s got several options for showcasing your organization chart and staff team. With 100 unique slides it’s a quick way to present your company.

15. I Soft PowerPoint Presentation Template

I Soft PowerPoint Presentation Template

This bundle has more than 250 slides and includes more than 11,000 icons. Some are animated for a more eye-catching org chart presentation. It’s available in four sizes so you can make your presentation suitable for any device or format.

Learn More About Org Charts

If you need more tips on org charts, try the following tutorial:

You can find even more great PowerPoint templates in the articles below:

Grab a Meet the Team or Org Chart PowerPoint Template Today!

Now, it’s over to you. Use one of the meet the team or org chart PowerPoint templates above, or head over to Envato Elements to check out the business organizational chart templates on offer. You can also see a wide range of PowerPoint organizational chart templates on GraphicRiver.

Grab a quality template today, and customize it quickly to get started with your investor presentations or new hire onboarding.