15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs

15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs

15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs

15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs

15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs
15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs
15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs 15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs 15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs 15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs 15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs

15+ Corporate Brand Identity Packages—With Creative Designs

Are you branding your new business? Maybe you have a logo, but need to extend your corporate identity design into business cards, letterheads, and more? Or, does your current brand need a quick refresh? 

Customers expect your brand identity to be professionally designed and consistent across all media. You don’t want your branding materials to feel dated, lack visual appeal, or appear carelessly constructed. That reflects poorly on your business. 

Now’s a great time to update your identity design materials or create a new set. You want a letterhead that matches all of your stationery. So, whether you hand a customer your business card or a sales invoice, they feel the same brand design reaching across all of your company’s identity.

If you’re not sure how to take your existing brand and expand it across multiple media, or you’re pressed for time, then what you need is a brand identity package.

Brand Identity Template - One of the best branding materials that is trending in 2018
Brand Identity Template – One of the best branding material that is trending in 2018

And if you’re a designer or marketer that helps small businesses with their branding, then these identity templates are a great way to quickly create a quality solution—especially if your project is on a tight deadline.

With a professional brand identity package, you get a great set of corporate identity designs that are easy to customize, and ready to put to use in your business.

The Best Brand Identity Package on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Discover thousands of the best brand identity template packages on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price.

Each of these awesome corporate identity packages from Envato Elements has tons of professional and creative design options. While stacked with pro design features, and great visuals to choose from, they’re also quick and easy to work with.

Brand Identity Template - One of the best branding materials that is trending in 2018
Corporate Identity Package on Envato Elements, for 2018

Grab one of these identity packages to help you present your personal or company brand in a clear and attractive manner to your audience. Regardless of the size of your company a full stationery set is crucial to give a modern and organized look to your brand.

All these brand identity packages (featured below) have unique designs that work cohesively together as a systematic set. They come with multiple branded components, such as:

  • modern stationery designs,
  • pro letterhead templates,
  • organized invoices,
  • branded business cards,
  • stylish envelopes, and
  • creative folders.

And many include additional items like attractive DVD cases, compliment slips, Facebook timeline covers, iPhone and desktop wallpapers, and more. With professional identity materials there’s no limit to what you can extend your brand into.

A quality brand distinguishes a business in the market. You want yours to stand out with a creative design. Get an impactful brand—one designed professionally—then expand it across print and multiple media. These full stationery template sets can help you do just that. Just add your logo, tagline, contact details, images, and any other required visual graphics and you’re all set to print.

Brand Identity Packages (New From Envato Elements – For 2018)

Here are a handful of graphic design stationary packages with creative and professional designs to represent your brand that are trending on Envato Elements:

1. Architecture – Awesome Corporate Identity Package

Architecture Corporate Identity Package

Architecture Corporate Identity Package is suitable for architecture, engineering and construction firms.

This ready-to-use corporate identity design set is inspired by urban landscapes and is illustrated by a fine, continuous line that follows the outline of a city, ranging from residential buildings, office buildings, and finishing with industrial structures. This highlights the versatility of an architectural firm that can build projects for any type of building.

This architecture corporate identity package is simple to edit and it can be easily customized to meet your business needs.

2. Interactive Corporate Branding Identity Package

Interactive Corporate Branding Identity Package

This professional branding identity is suitable for any kind of corporate business. These fully editable vector files allow you to adapt the design to suit your needs. This full stationary set includes web assets like: 

  • Facebook Timeline Cover: 851×315 px
  • iPhone & Samsung Screen: various sizes
  • Screen Wallpaper (HD included): various sizes

3. Motion – Modern Corporate Branding Materials

Motion Corporate Branding Materials

The motion corporate branding materials are a minimalist and elegant set of identity package design templates. The fully editable vector files allow you to adapt the design to suit your needs. Includes designs in numerous professionals size standards. The set contains only graphic files presented visual identification. They are editable projects files in AI, EPS, PDF format. The set, includs a professional logo design as well.

4. Fashion Graphic Design Stationary Package

Fashion Graphic Design Stationary Package

Fashion Graphic Design Stationary Package is an Illustrator and Indesign template for product fashion retailers or companies to provide your promotional products. Clean, simple and modern corporate identity templates, perfect for retails product or corporate use. These files are simple to work with. Just drop in your own images and text, and it’s ready. Includes template for fashion tote bag as well.

5. Rose Gold – Corporate Branding Kit Template

Rose Gold Corporate Branding Kit Template

Packed with loads of professionally designed Photoshop templates to help you save time and stand out from the crowd. This branding kit template package also includes two seamless patterns of the colors and backgrounds used for all the templates; grey linen and rose gold foil (12x12in, 30dpi, RGB). Free fonts download links are also provided.  

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price
Envato Elements – Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from stock images to branding materials, and more—all for one low price.

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many creative templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy new corporate branding materials one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our Envato Market below.

The Best Brand Identity Design Packages on Envato Market (Buy It One At A Time)

We also have you covered if you need to buy a branding template set one at a time, in our graphic design stationary package category on GraphicRiver, which is part of our Envato Market. 

Here are a few creative examples from our best selling identity package design templates from the last year (2018).

Identity Package Design Templates available for sale on Envato Market
Identity Package Design Templates, available for sale on Envato Market. 

10+ Top Tier Brand Identity Package Sets
(Designs From Envato Market – For 2018)

Here are a number of the best corporate identity packages. These brand identity templates all have beautiful designs, a number of identity design file types, and multiple design styles to choose from. Each is set up for common print-ready formats. You can edit them in Photoshop or Illustrator, add your custom details, and get them off to the printers quickly.

1. Corporate Brand Identity Design Template

If you need a corporate identity template with a fresh design, then this set is a great choice. It includes corporate stationery design with letterhead, business card, envelopes, and folder. It has a minimal design with a splash of triangular color. Your logo could readily be placed on these identity assets. And you can edit the layers, text, or colors easily with one click!

Corporate Brand Identity Design

2. Cool Modern Triangles Stationery Pack

This set of modern stationery has a cool design, which is great if you’re launching a new company or refreshing your existing branding materials. Whether you need to get venture funding or market your business better, this brand identity package is a great choice. The files are setup in Illustrator and are ready to add your brand, customize, and print.

Cool Modern Triangles Stationery Design

3. Triad – Stationery Identity Branding Kit Template Set

Triad is a minimal stationary set. Whether for a high-end salon or architectural firm, this branding set makes a big impact with simple design aesthetics. It comes with a full stationery set of letterheads, envelopes, and double-sided business cards. The files are layered professionally in Photoshop, so you can readily customize them to your brand.

Triad - Stationery Identity Branding Set Design

4. Colorful Abstract Stationery Template Set

If your company is highly creative, then this identity set was made for you. Whether you run a motion graphics studio or a marketing company this brand kit is setup and ready to put to use. It features a vibrant design against a minimal layout. Your logo can fit right in with this colorful corporate stationery set!

Colorful Abstract Stationery Template Set

5. Corporate Identity Package Design – Financial Group

This set of corporate stationery has all the assets you’d expect for a traditional print brand identity, but it also includes related web assets. It’s a fully-packed corporate brand identity template set.

It features an exciting swooping three-dimensional design that carries across multiple-media. Whether you’re a financial group, web development company, or a new startup, this is an innovative set of professional identity designs for your growing business.

Corporate Identity Package Financial

6. Minimal Black and White Full Stationery Set

If your business is more craft than corporate, or you want your business to have an authentic feel, then this is the best stationery template set for you. It features a professional, minimal style design, with a crafted appeal.

Whether you run a furniture store or handcraft your own wooden art pieces, this brand identity design has what you need. It’s a simple design that works for many purposes. It comes with letterhead, business card, envelope, and presentation folder. It’s easy to adopt and customize to your business!

Minimal Black and White Stationery Set

7. Professional Corporate Identity Stationery Pack

This is a professional, striking corporate identity package. Save time with using this branding kit template set to extend your business brand. All the files are fully-layered and editable. It’s set up for professional printing with 300DPI print-ready files. And the files come in both Photoshop PSD and Illustrator AI/EPS formats. If you want to change the color scheme, add your text, insert your logo, it’s easy to do with this brand identity template set.

Professional Corporate Identity Stationery

8. Colorful Pattern Stationery Design Templates

If you run a creative business, then you need a expressive stationery package. This is a clean, modern design with colorful branding elements. It’s great for a design company or a financial company that wants to stand out in the market.

All of the items are easy to edit. You can readily insert your logo, tagline, and contact details into this energetic set. Extend your brand with this vibrant pattern stationery set!

Colorful Pattern Stationery Design Templates

9. Corporate Identity Brand Design Set – Digital Cycle

Present yourself with professional creative style to your customers. This corporate identity package design has a full set of stationery for your traditional print media, as well as modern web assets, like Facebook timeline cover and branded wallpapers. It’s designed to represent an innovative digital company across multiple-media types. All the design files are 100% vector, so easy to edit and customize for your business.

Corporate Identity Brand Set - Digital Cycle

10. Abstract Colorful Stationery Design Set

This set of colorful corporate branding materials is made to brand a creative company. If you’re a millennial company or a fresh startup, and in need of a vibrant identity, then this template set is made for your business. The high-energy design elements are set against a clean minimal design.

You can add your logo or even simply your company name, and have a colorful stationery set ready to brand your business with flair and pop! Another option is to purchase additional matching brand items: such as Abstract Modern Brochure or Abstract Colorful Trifold Brochure.

Abstract Colorful Stationery Design Set

11. Viorous Corporate Stationery Brand Identity

This is a giant corporate stationery identity design set. It also includes a number of additional files that will help you carry your brand further into wallpapers and digital media. There are 36 files in total. All the layers are vector shapes, set up for easy customization and editing. It’s a beautiful design, with striking colors, and made for any company that wants a professional creative identity!

Viorous Corporate Stationery Brand Identity

How to Extend Your Brand Identity Design  

A fresh identity with new corporate stationery and extended media allows you to represent your brand professionally. Your business is your baby. It’s what you’ve put all your blood, sweat, time—and even more sweat into! Your brand matters. It’s how your customers relate to your company and remember you. If you want your business to be successful, it’s a must to invest in a top-shelf brand identity.

Let’s look at how to extend your brand beyond your logo. You’re looking to build a business that grows. Let’s set your brand up for that success you’re aiming for. Here are a few steps to take your brand from that little spark of a logo into a more fully-realized brand identity.

1. Take Stock of Your Existing Brand

Before deciding on a brand identity package, it’s important to look at your existing brand. For a refresher, we have an article that covers all aspects of branding:

You want your stationery and media branding assets to compliment your existing business brand. It’s a package that needs to work together to represent your company. Consistency is critical.

You can have variations across your brand, but there needs to be a visual glue that holds it all together. And you can absolutely be creative, but you want to make sure your existing logo fits well, and your fonts and colors are used appropriately.

If you already have a logo, then choose an identity set that will work well with it. Or if you don’t have a logo we have logo templates as well or designers that can help you custom design a logo.

Any one of the templates above could be just the right fit for expanding your brand. If you want to browse through more options though, just jump over to our corporate identity templates on GraphicRiver or a brand identity design set on Envato Elements.

2. Customize Your Identity Design

Once you’ve chosen your brand identity template, now it’s time to customize your stationery set, prep it for print, and get your new corporate branding materials printed on high-quality paper.

You’ll need Photoshop or Illustrator to work with these template files. All of our templates on GraphicRiver are designed to be easy to customize. You can just add your company contact info to your business cards, drag your logo into the appropriate layer on the template, and make adjustments to fit your brand, like tweaking color choices or changing out fonts. 

The files are already set up to print professionally, so when you’re ready just get them off to the printers. Learn more about how to design your brand identity: 

Also, as you customize your brand you want to make sure you’re working within your company’s brand guidelines

If you need help with customizing your identity design package or crafting your brand guidelines, we have professional graphic designers at our Envato Studio that you can work with. They have the experience and know how to get the job done right!

3. Market Your New Identity Set

With your new identity materials back from the printers, now it’s time to put your new brand identity materials to work for your business. Start using your new letterhead and branded envelopes to craft sales letters to potential customers. Hand out your business card to new important contacts you meet.

Keep in mind, these new brand materials are made to market your business, so get them out there and working. Your new brand material will also help retain your existing customers. The professional your invoices look, the more seriously your business will be taken, and the quicker you’ll get paid.

Also, if you’re a designer or marketer, then help your client choose the best identity design for their branding needs. And advise them on how to integrate their new materials into their marketing plan.

Level-Up Your Branding With an Identity Package!

Don’t wait to expand your brand! It’s important to have the right creative branding representing your company. Your business will be seen as higher quality, you’ll make more connections with potential customers, and it will help you grow quicker. 

Browse through our wide selection of corporate identity design packages from Envato Elements. Or discover more from Envato Market’s best selling stationary and design templates. Professional brand materials will help your business stand out. Grab one that’s the best fit for your flourishing small business.