15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018)

15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018)

15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018)

15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018)

15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018)
15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018)
15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018) 15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018) 15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018) 15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018) 15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018)

15+ Best Online Business Logo Makers (Free + Premium for 2018)

Need a logo? We’ve got you covered! Check out this list of free and premium online logo makers. 

Nike, Apple, and all other major brands are instantly recognizable for one thing and one thing only. Their logos.

You see, a well-crafted logo instantly sets you apart from competitors. Because of this, logos become one of the most important aspects of starting your new business.

And while these examples are expertly designed, online logo makers are
the next best thing when you don’t have the time or the biggest budget.

Not a designer? Luckily, you don’t have to be. Many websites now offer free and premium logo makers to create custom designs yourself.

So, what’s your special symbol? Discover your brand potential with this list of logo makers below.


Official Website: Placeit

Let’s start with Placeit, a premium template site dedicated to making design easier. With over 11,000 templates currently available, these great resources include smart logo features for interchanging colors, font types, symbols, and text!

PlaceIt online logo maker

Use their online logo maker to craft the perfect modern symbol in seconds! Take this Olivia logo, for instance. You can easily update the name by going to the text box in the upper left corner to change the font types and colors.

vintage store online logo maker

For a unique look, I’ll change the overall details and the wreath symbol to create a new logo for a mock floral business.

Love this option? All you need to access these designs is to sign up for an unlimited subscription. It’ll cost you $29 a month with only a three-month minimum to try out endless logos. Check out my new logo below!

logo maker result

Envato Elements

Website: Envato Elements

If you have the budget, investing in an online subscription from Envato Elements can also save you valuable time.

Envato Elements logo maker

With over 5,000 options for logos alone, you’ll be able to mix and match the elements you need to put your best foot forward as a brand.

Then discover gorgeous hand-crafted fonts, and use their high-quality graphic templates to create the logo of your dreams. Get all of this and more for one monthly or annual fee.


Official Website: Logojoy

Our next resource in this collection gives you plenty of options to find a great logo. Logojoy sends you hundreds of unique examples by refining your choices with simple questions.

Logojoy logo maker

No prior design experience is necessary—just go through the simple step-by-step process to determine the style, colors, and industry that work best for you. Find basic, premium, and enterprise packages as low as $20.


Official Website: Designhill

Designhill’s artificial logo maker is intelligent enough to generate logos based on similar styles you might like.

DesignHill logo maker

Just type your company name into the search box to get started. Then set your budget and pick from similar logos already made from the DesignHill generators. Do all of this in less than five minutes so you can get right back to work. Super easy!


Official Website: LogoCrisp

Our first free resource for online logo makers comes from LogoCrisp, a website dedicated to making the logo process much faster with a few simple steps.

LogoCrisp logo maker

As with similar logo sites, you can create your logo by generating a variety of results based on your company name, industry, and style. Though the initial design is free, you will have to pay extra for additional files with higher resolutions.


Official Website: LogotypeMaker

Not sure where to begin? This next site lets you browse many logo options before making the final commitment.

Logotype Maker logo maker

Click on the heart next to a logo design you like to add it to your wish list. Or select and edit it to customize your brand. Swap out the title and colors for a stunning personal touch. Available for both free and premium clients!


Official Website: Logogenie

What do you wish your logo could be? Find out with logogenie, a simple logo tool tailored to fit your brand in under five minutes.

Logogenie logo maker

Get started by downloading a logo sample for less than 20 bucks! Choose from over 1,000 premium templates you can customize with reliable customer service.


Official Website: Logaster

For smaller projects, you can get away with low-resolution logos if that’s all you desire. Logaster helps you achieve that with a fast and simple free logo generator.

Logaster logo maker

Feeling a little generous? Bump up your budget to download a high-resolution, vector file of your logo that you can use anywhere. It won’t hurt to go with this option just in case you’re happy with the result. 

Online Free Logo

Official Website: Online Free Logo

Some may say it takes money to make money, but you won’t need much to create cool logos with Online Free Logo.

Online free logo maker

Especially made for startups and small companies, this site offers over 1,000 free logo designs depending on your industry and specifications. As with many sites, more files and resolutions are available with a premium download. But once you pay, the logo is completely removed from the site!


Official Website: Ucraft

Which icons or shapes would fit your brand best? Explore many possibilities with Ucraft’s free logo editor tool.

Ucraft logo maker

Originally a website builder, Ucraft also offers free logos you can download in PNG or SVG formats. Start by accessing the logo editor to choose from a variety of shapes, text, and more. Resize each element by hand, and then hit preview to see how it looks!

Free Logo Maker

Official Website: Logomakr

Search for the perfect logo by exploring the huge database over on Logomakr.

Free Logo maker

Not only do they offer a free logo editing tool, but you can also receive professional design services at affordable prices. Get a complete logo redesign, for instance, for $199 or just a vector version of a logo you already have for under 20 bucks. Pretty cool!


Website: GraphicRiver

Can’t commit to a monthly subscription? Download the logo you need at an affordable price from GraphicRiver.

GraphicRiver logos

With over 50,000 logo templates available, you’ll definitely need to refine your choices by style or industry type. Follow your favorite designers to find great deals, and pay a single, non-exclusive logo license to use your new logo across many projects.


Official Website: Hatchful

Hatchful is a helpful extension of Shopify, the ecommerce platform that helps you sell products online. Create amazing logos in seconds with one simple tool.

Hatchful logo maker

Made for the entrepreneur on the go, this logo editor gives you endless design possibilities with hundreds of templates to choose from. Just answer a few short style questions first, before choosing a free or paid version of your logo. It’s very easy for only 10 dollars!


Official Website: Squarespace

Whether you need a website, web hosting, or a new logo, you can get all three with the help of Squarespace.

Squarespace logos

Just plug in your company name to see it displayed alongside various symbols and icons. The best part? If you’re already a Squarespace user, the extra fee for the logo editing tool is totally free! Otherwise you can buy a high resolution version for just $10 or download a free watermarked image.

Envato Studio

Official Website: Envato Studio

A little wiggle room goes a long
way in a design budget. Consider getting an expert opinion from one of
the professionals at Envato Studio.

Envato Studio logos

Find talented professionals throughout the marketplace, and then collaborate with these designers for incredible results. Custom logo services generally stay in the $100–400 range, so this site is definitely suited for new entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Free Logo Design

Official Website: Free Logo Design

Our last free resource comes from Free Logo Design, a quick and easy way to create logos for business cards, websites, and more.

Free logo design maker

The user-friendly editor helps you create each logo by generating results based on your company name and category. Like most free editors, the initial logo is free but offered at a much smaller resolution. Boost up the clarity by paying for a higher resolution.


Logo design just got a whole lot easier with online logo makers. Explore amazing tools like Placeit and more to create a long-lasting brand.

Or learn logo design with our easy lessons! Check out these tutorials:

Have any favorites? Let us know in the comments!