15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration

15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration

15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration

15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration

15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration
15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration
15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration 15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration 15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration 15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration 15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration

15 Best Android App Templates With Maps Integration

If you’re creating any sort of app that involves getting your users from one place to another then good map integration is a must. Here are the 15 best Android app templates with map integration to be found at CodeCanyon

App templates are a great solution for inexperienced coders who want to create apps but don’t have the skill to do so yet. This is because they already have core functions implemented, so you can customise the app easily and add the elements you think are most important to the app’s code. This makes it quicker and easier to create the product you want. In addition, app templates are a great way to learn more about coding and perfect your skills.

Whether you’re interested in building a store, restaurant or city guide app or creating a booking app, take a look below to see some of the best templates with map integration currently available. 

1. City Guide

Create your own handy travel guide app for the city of your choice with the City Guide Android app template. The template, which was developed in Android Studio and styled with Material Design, doesn’t require programming skills to use, and with just one config file to set up, is easy to configure and customise. 

You can organise your chosen city highlights in categories like attractions, sports, hotels, nightlife, etc. These chosen highlights can also be viewed as clickable spots on an interactive map which uses geolocation to identify your phone’s current position and distance from each highlight.

City Guide

Other great features:

  • eight colour themes to choose from 
  • photos can be added to each city highlight
  • Google Analytics shows you how people are using your app
  • you can monetise your app with AdMob
  • and more

User michalis1984 says:

“Great start point to build your own app (if you know coding) or to use as it is to create a simple basic app with the provided functionality with limited or even no knowledge of coding. Great work! Coding structure is clear.”

2. Taxi Booking

Uber has completely revolutionised the concept of taxi services and spawned a slew of localised enterprises around the globe that use technology to reach potential clients needing taxi services. 

If you are looking to create an app with Google map integration, to go along with your Uber-type taxi service, check out the Taxi Booking app template. The app allows both passenger and driver login. 

Passengers are able to automatically assign their order to the nearest driver, calculate fare based on distance, cancel a booking, map the route directions from start to drop off, and more. Drivers, on the other hand, can change their availability mode to free or busy, receive instant notification when new requests come in from passengers, map the easiest and fastest route from pickup to drop off, mark a ride as complete, and more.

Taxi Booking

Other great features:

  • web admin panel
  • ability to customise both driver and passenger interface
  • ability to track drivers’ movements
  • track job details of every driver
  • and more

User vsihesller says:

“I am really satisfied with this application. The code is very clean, easy to read. Even though I am new to Android development, still I was able to customize it adding many features to my business specifically.  My business work with 3 different automobiles: motorbike, cars and vans. I could add different icons to each one of them. I added navigation to driver interface and many more. All of that with very basic knowledge of the Android’s programming languages. The author was supportive as well. I have 70+ emails reply from the author on my gmail. For all of those reasons mentioned above, I am giving this 5 stars review.”

3. Wheres My Places

Wheres My Places is similar to City Guide above, but the template’s developers are pitching it more as an app for locals rather than visitors to find things like the nearest bank, cafe, hospital, store, etc. 

Having said that, there’s nothing stopping developers from adapting it in any way you want. One of the most useful aspects of this app template is that it integrates a great map tool which tells users their distance from their selected destination and estimates the time it will take them to get there. It also acts as a great navigation tool directing users through the streets, so there’s never a worry of getting lost in an unfamiliar location. 

Wheres My Place

Other great features:

  • each location comes with full details including address, phone number, map direction, images, user review, etc.
  • results can be sorted by distance or rating
  • add any location to a favourites list
  • supports Google Voice
  • and more

User Popzkg says:

“Great app and awesome customer support.”

4. AdForest 

AdForest is a classified ads app template that would interest developers with clients who need an app to manage product listings for their ad posting business. The template has a built-in text messaging system for easy communication between buyers and sellers. It comes with push notifications to alert users when there’s a message on an ad, and the Google Maps integration allows users to get directions to the seller.


Other great features:

  • intelligent advance search
  • bidding on ads
  • social logins
  • translation ready
  • and more

User Bookflow says:

“Dev team is serious about creating the best one-stop platform for classified niche. I am using both theme and app. Lots of features to fulfil every requirement of classified niche. And their documentation videos are just what a newbie needs to setup well.”

5. Easy Real Estate App

The Easy Real Estate App template helps developers build their own mobile real estate application easily and quickly. The app allows the administrator to submit and edit properties and their description, while the end user of the app can search for the nearest properties to them or for a property in a specific location and then use the integrated Google maps to make their way to that property.

Easy Real Estate App

Other great features:

  • user guide videos
  • AdMob supported
  • translation ready
  • multiple currencies available
  • and more

6. Store Finder 

The Store Finder app template allows developers to create apps that help users find stores near them and let store owners add their store to the app’s listing. Apart from helping users to find their desired store, the app’s integrated map also has a powerful zoom feature which allows users to view details of the store’s location and go to store details with one click.

Store Finder

Other great features:

  • store image gallery
  • shows reviews for each store where available
  • AdMob integrated
  • social media sharing possible
  • and more

User SmoothNerds says:

“They deliver excellent customer service. Great communication via Skype and fast customization. Will definitely keep an eye on their portfolio or ask them for future projects.”

7. Restaurant Finder

The highly rated Restaurant Finder app template does exactly what you’d expect based on its name—it helps developers create a database of restaurants which users of their app can then use to find a restaurant of their choice. Restaurants are organised into categories based on food type, and user ratings and reviews are included where available. Map integration provides directions from the user’s location to the restaurant.

Restaurant Finder

Other great features:

  • book a table via mail or SMS
  • ability to add to favourite
  • share via various social media
  • and more

User okunade55 says:

“Excellent app, good code, less bugs and an amazing support.”

8. Ultimate City Guide

Another choice of app template for developers looking to create a guide to key locations around a city of their choice, Ultimate City Guide can be adapted as a guide for tourists and locals alike. City locations can be viewed in a list view, by category or by their location on a map. When users select a map location icon, they are given directions to the restaurant they’ve selected. The template also gives app owners five monetisation methods, including native ads and referrals to booking websites. 

Ultimate City Guide

Other great features:

  • supports user login via Facebook or email 
  • ratings and reviews of places 
  • sorting by distance, name, or rating 
  • and more 

User candrareza says:

“Awesome work! Clean Code! Very quick support!”

9. NearbyStores

The NearbyStores app template is another option for developers looking to create apps that allow end users to locate businesses in their area and, thanks to the integrated map, to find the easiest and fastest route to them. 

The app is great for business owners as they can send push notifications to mobile clients to inform them about new offers and events near them. It is also a great tool for customers who not only enjoy access to information about an unlimited number of stores in their locale, but also can take advantage of available reviews, comments, and ratings on stores.


Other great features:

  • Google Analytics
  • AdMob ready
  • real-time chat possible
  • supports multiple languages
  • and more 

User Autopop says:

“Best customer support! They help me to install and set it up. I’ve had a lot of emails, questions, they reply to each telling me exactly what I had to do!”

10. Universal

The Universal Android app template lets users create just about any app they want by pulling in unlimited content from blogs, timelines, feeds, channels, playlists, webpages, etc., and easily combining them in one customisable app. 

The app has tons of built-in features, including push notification for sending messages to users and the ability to integrate various social media accounts. It also uses maps to show a single location, a collection of locations, or map overlays in your app.


Other great features:

  • in-app video player and media player
  • save articles and posts from WordPress and RSS offline
  • AdMob advertising
  • and more

User valvze says:

“From the minute I bought this product, I have had nothing but fun. It was an absolute joy creating a personalized app from this template and would definitely recommend this to anybody trying to learn programming. The app is built with easy to figure code and the design elements are fantastic as well. I did have a few hurdles to cover at first but the person behind Sherdle was quick to respond to each of my queries and guide me through it all. Thanks for the amazing app, 10/10 would recommend.”

11. Clinic Booking App

The Clinic Booking App is a nifty app template targeting developers looking to create apps for clients who own clinics or service-oriented businesses. The app allows business owners to include a brief description of the clinic and its location, with an interactive map to get users from wherever they are to the clinic. It also gives critical information like doctor bios, services provided, and prices, and it allows users to easily select treatment services and book appointments. 

Clinic Booking App

Other great features:

  • simple user registration and login
  • ask doctor messaging system
  • multiple languages possible
  • and more

User afrojuju says:

“Excellent support and great app.”

12. TrackMe

The TrackMe app template is simple but powerful. It helps developers to create apps whose sole purpose is to track users’ movements on a map through the location of their mobile phones. It is useful for businesses like taxi or bus companies that need to keep track of the location of their vehicles or for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s whereabouts. The app can track users by both their online and offline status. 


Other great features:

  • list user mode
  • send various notifications
  • ability to start and stop tracking
  • and more

User aproduction31 says:

“Excellent customer support.”

13. Catch The Monsters

If you loved Pokémon and want to create a similar app, then this Catch The Monsters geolocation game template is for you. As the administrator of the app, your job is to place as many monsters as you like in various locations anywhere in the world you choose. 

Users of the app search for the monsters around their area. When they get close enough, they can trace the route to the monsters using the integrated map feature. When they find and catch the monsters, they earn points with the goal of getting onto the top 10 leaderboard. Users also have the option of sharing their stats on social networks and SMS.

Catch The Monsters

Other great features: 

  • AdMob banners
  • comprehensive user guide
  • push notifications
  • stats and caught monster list
  • and more

User milkywaylabs says:

“Perfect app and excellent support!”

14. Food Delivery System

The Food Delivery System app template is ideal for restaurants that want to create their own app for regular customers. It allows customers to book a table through the app, order a meal for delivery, call or email the restaurant from within the app, or plot a route to the restaurant from their current location using the integrated map.

 Food Delivery System

Other great features:

  • access to restaurant menu
  • push notification for order status
  • book table reminder
  • image gallery
  • and more

User mikele72 says:

“Great app and great support. I recommend this app!”

15. Explore

With so many people into travelling these days, any app made from the Explore template is bound to be a hit. That’s because this Google Maps app template is designed for users to search for places they want to visit in a given area and save each place on the same map. The map then displays all the places they plan to visit and provides the most logical route between them, complete with distances and journey time.

The template is designed with Google Material Design and features beautiful animation effects. 


Other great features:

  • easy to configure and customise
  • integrated with Firebase analytics 
  • banner ads and interstitials integrated
  • well documented
  • integrated with Firebase analytics to provide information about your user engagement
  • and more

User Valergiorgio says:

“Super, and good help when I couldn’t figure something out.”


These top Android app templates with map integration are just a small selection of the Android app templates available at CodeCanyon, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from!