15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts

15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts

15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts

15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts

15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts
15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts
15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts 15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts 15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts 15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts 15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts

15+ Annual Report Templates – With Awesome InDesign Layouts

When it’s time to design an annual report for your company, it can feel like a daunting task. There is quite a bit of work to do to make a great annual report, such as:

  • Pull together your business achievements for the year.
  • Compile all your quarterly financial data.
  • Synthesize the information to make it readable.
  • Work it into a compelling company narrative.
  • Decide what data and corporate wins to highlight.

Once you have all that information in-hand, now the work has really just begun. It’s time to design your annual report. And keep in mind, it needs to have an awesome design to stand out and make an impact with your key stakeholders.

Minimalistic Annual Report Design Template
Modern Annual Report Design. One of the best annual report templates (2018/2019 ready).

In addition to meeting laws and guidelines, you want your annual report to be designed for distributing to your team, and to give out to your important clients, customers, or shareholders.

This is where InDesign annual report templates are so helpful. They are a great starting point, with beautifully designed print layouts, which you can use to visually tell your company’s story of what you achieved this year (in 2018) and highlight your biggest wins. 

The Best Annual Report Design Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Discover hundreds of the best annual report design templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price.

Each of these awesome InDesign report templates from Envato Elements has tons of professional and creative marketing options. While stacked with pro design features, and great visuals to choose from, they’re also quick and easy to work with.

Indesign Report Template on Envato Elements for 2018
Indesign Report Template, examples available on Envato Elements, for 2018

Grab one of these annual report template designs to help you visualize your company’s message in a clear and attractive manner to stakeholders. They come with ready-to-use designs to showcase your:

  • achievements this year,
  • financial highlights and reports,
  • local and global market statistics,
  • growth and performance summaries,
  • corporate strategy development,
  • and many more professional year-end updates. 

Just add your company logo, text, images, graphics, tables, icons and any other required visual graphics and you are all set to print. Swiftly complete your annual report with these ready to use templates and save yourself some valuable time. Print your report booklet and you are all ready to impress. It is that easy!  

Adobe Indesign Annual Report Templates (New From Envato Elements – For 2018)

Browse through these trending examples for annual report design inspiration:

1. Magazine Style – Pro Annual Report Design Template

Magazine Style Annual Report Template

If you need one of the best annual report layouts, look no further. This is a clean Indesign annual report sample template for promoting your company, personal works, or business. 

The design layout gives it a very nice magazine likeness. It’s ideal for company financials, projections and annual review. Perfect if you report is more wordy and has a few strong images to be featured. 

2. Bold Colours – Creative Annual Report Design Template

Bold Colours -  Annual Report

This annual report design template is an Adobe InDesign file that has 28 pages, with two different sizes A4 and US Letter. A simple use of orange with dark blue on a white background brings this design to life. If you need, best annual report layouts, look no further. It creates a very fresh and bold feel to it.

3. Mblandang – Square Annual Report Brochure Template

Square Annual Report

This annual report design is simple, clean, and modern. The layout is suitable for any project purpose and definitely stands out from the others because of its unique square template. It’s professional setup blows away any free annual report templates you might find online!

4. Landscape Report Template Design – Corporate Report

Landscape Report Template Design

Another template that jumps out due to its unique landscape layout. This layout is suitable for any project purpose, not only annual reports. It’s also very easy to use and customize to your needs. Free font is used and this file has 24 pages in A4 and US Letter.

5. Multipurpose – Professional Annual Report Sample Template

Multipurpose Annual Report Templates

A professional and modern 24-page Annual Report Template. Just drop in your own pictures and texts, and it’s ready for print. Or use it as a professional online PDF or email attachment. This brochure can serve multiple purposes. It also works great as a corporate identity brochure – for presenting your business, services, newest cases and more.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Unlimited
Envato Elements – Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from stock images to annual report design templates, and more—all for one low price.

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many creative templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy new report template design file one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

The Best Annual Report Design Templates on Envato Market (Buy It One At A Time)

We also have you covered if you need to buy an annual report template one at a time. 

Professional annual report template design example
Professional annual report template design, includes bold cover, great infographics, and creative layouts.

Discover tons of the best annual report templates on GraphicRiver which is a part of Envato Market, with fresh print designs and professional layouts from our best selling Adobe InDesign Annual Report Design Templates from the last year (2018):      

Awesome Annual Reports on GraphicRiver
Awesome InDesign Annual Report Templates, available for sale on Envato Market (GraphicRiver)

You can pick a great annual report template that has a style that fits your company best. Then quickly edit text placeholders, swap in your branding, add your own custom images, key data, and make use of ready-made infographics. 

12+ Best InDesign Annual Report Template  Designs (From Envato Market – For 2018)

Here we feature over 10 of the best annual report templates on GraphicRiver with trending print designs and professional layouts. Browse through them for fresh annual report design inspiration or to purchase for quick use.

They’re made for a variety of business needs, from: non-profit organizations, corporate annual reports, and more—with multipurpose designs for either small or large businesses.

Whether you’re a designer that’s tasked with making an annual report, a manager assigned to complete this project, or a small business owner, with the right template you’ll save time and get a great result.

1. Dynamic InDesign Annual Report Template Design

If you need a modern annual report with a bold style and plenty of well designed page layouts, this is a great choice. It comes loaded with 28 pages, is set in 2 size options of A4 & US letter, and it’s compatible with multiple versions of Adobe InDesign.

Awesome InDesign Annual Report Template Design

2. Business Annual Report & Brochure InDesign Template

This annual report design is professional and clean in style. It’s made for corporate business use and comes with 44 custom pages, automatic page numbering, infographics, editable image placeholders, contemporary color palette, and more.

Annual Report Brochure Business InDesign Template

3. Divided Annual Report Template InDesign Layouts

This is a beautiful, creative annual report design, made to present your company’s information in a dynamic design. It’s 38 premium InDesign pages have a variety of layouts that are set with editable tables, master pages, as well as paragraph and character styles.

Divided Annual Report Template InDesign With Awesome Layouts

4. Creative Corporate Annual Report InDesign Template

With a strong, shape-based annual report cover design, and great interior design with pull-quotes, infographics, and well-crafted layouts, this annual report sample is awesome. Grab it today and use it to tell your company’s story this year.

Creative Corporate Annual Report InDesign Template Design

5. Bold Annual Report Templates Design Set for InDesign

This is a premium, print-ready InDesign template. It’s packed with creative annual report design inspiration. It includes 28 unique pages, automated formatting, well organized layouts, free fonts, and more. It’s made for  a variety of successful companies to use quickly. 

Bold Annual Report Template InDesign Design Set

6. Ultimate Annual Report Template With Colorful Design

This creative annual report InDesign set has a modern style and plenty of premium elements. Unlike most free annual report templates, this design is professional and ready to use. It comes with dynamic shapes, image placeholders, and paragraph/character styles. You can add your own colors or work with the swatches included.

Ultimate InDesign Annual Report Template With Colorful Design

7. CO. Annual Report Template With Minimal Design Style

This simple, sophisticated annual report design is a fully-layered document. It’s a creative set of 28 custom pages with beautiful layouts. The graphics and infographics are included. It’s ready to customize quick—adding your own financial data and company annual story to.

CO Minimal Annual Report InDesign Template Design

8. Creative Annual Report Template With Stylish Cover

This unique annual report design has a cover with multiple horizontal shapes that crop a photo image. It really stands out. Once you open up to the inside you’re greeted by layouts made to tell a company’s financial story, from angled photos paired with clear typography, to confident infographics and clean vector graphics.

Creative Annual Report InDesign Template With Stylish Shape Cover

9. Clean Corporate Annual Report Template InDesign Set

This minimal style annual report design is ready to work with in InDesign. This template has plenty of graphics and data presentation options to put your information forward with. It comes with organized layers, free fonts, and a number of unique page layouts. It also has a stylish annual report cover design that uses bold shapes to crop your image of choice.

Clean Corporate Annual Report InDesign Template Design

10. Minimal Style Annual Report With Beautiful Design

This is a refined annual report design with an elegant style. It puts images, data, and your company’s story first, while being set with plenty of breathable whitespace. If you have a creative business, this annual report template is for you.

Minimal Style InDesign Annual Report With Beautiful Design

11. Awesome Adobe InDesign Annual Report Template

This InDesign template is packed with fresh layout designs, as well as bold angled shapes, and cropped photos. It has all the features you’d expect in a professional template, from placeholders, to text styles, customizable infographics, and easy to edit master pages.

Awesome Adobe InDesign Annual Report Template Set

12. Annual Report InDesign Brochure and Template Design

Get the look you want with this year’s annual report sample in InDesign. Unlike most free annual report templates, this premium design is both simple and very convenient to work with. Use it to tell a visual story quickly. Readily choose your colors, change text, edit tables, and insert your own branding and corporate colors.

Annual Report InDesign Brochure Template Design

13. Multipurpose Annual Report InDesign Business Template

This annual report has a professional design style that feels simultaneously modern and classically composed. It has an excellent blend of design options, from infographic layouts, to photo placeholders, and ready to edit text styles.

Multipurpose Annual Report InDesign Business Template

5 Quick Design Tips for Better Annual Reports

Follow these quick tips to craft the narrative focus for your annual report, the key metrics you’ll highlight, and make sure your design and visual choices stand out with clarity and engage your audience of employees, customers, and shareholders.  

1. Plan Your Narrative

While there is financial data an annual report must have, you should also consider how you can craft that information into a compelling narrative. Consider these types of questions: 

  • Did your company restructure, land a number of large contracts, have a standout quarter, or hit another milestone this year? 
  • What goals were achieved or lessons learned this year? 
  • How do they connect to the future of your company? 

This is the material to draw your story from from. 

Keep in mind though, design and the story you’re planning to tell are interconnected. Make sure to work within your brand guidelines—using your company’s voice—when crafting your narrative.

This is an important brand story to craft to help your audience better understand your company. It needs to purposefully communicate the progress made this year and your vision for the coming year.

2. Highlight the Right Data

The type of financial data you’ll be required to include in your annual report are components like revenue, profit, percentage of market share, etc. The larger your company, the more cumbersome this material can be.

Data can be overwhelming or incredibly clear, depending on how it’s designed and presented.

You can pick what to highlight from this information and make stand out in your annual report. For these highlights decide: what key data supports your narrative best? Make use of charts, graphs, or various types of infographics to call out your most important information.

Remember that the metrics you highlight should be presented with the right blend of readability and interest. You don’t want them to be hard to understand or boring. Instead, they should read clearly at a glance and be packaged in an interesting infographic design.

Here’s a good data format example that is both creative and clear, from our creative corporate annual report InDesign template

Infographic from creative annual report InDesign template
Bold infographic layout from the creative corporate annual InDesign report template.

3. Design for Clarity + Impact

It’s important that your annual report follows design best practices where form complements function. What this means is that you display your information in the best possible format for your material.

The design style shouldn’t overwhelm or unnecessarily complicate your presentation. The style should compliment your brand and help your points stand out.

It needs to be designed with proper hierarchy that leads your readers through the elements of the page. Clear typography that is easy to read, with headings that stand out, and text passages that are inviting.

Elements should be balanced with good use of white space and margins. They should all align with an internal logic to a grid, and be cleverly broken with care to draw attention to key images, infographics, or callouts.

You annual report should have an overarching design scheme that pulls all the pages together into a compelling visual narrative that fits your company and the story you’re crafting best.

4. Use a Stylish Template

It’s challenging to make a great annual report design. Starting with a stylish InDesign template is a great way to get a professional annual report designed quickly.

A Premium InDesign annual report template is built with well thought out page layouts, has compelling typography use, as well as contemporary colors, clear type choices, and a great design. Here are a few example styles to consider:

  1. Dynamic InDesign Annual Report Template Design – This template has a modern design, with bold graphics, strong grid, and a variety of page layout options. It’s especially well-designed for making corporate annual reports.
  2. CO. Annual Report Template With Minimal Style – This set has a softer, sophisticated design. It has plenty of white space and a breathable layout, while packing in plenty of advanced presentation options. It’s great for making creative business annual reports.
  3. Bold Annual Report InDesign Template Set – This template set has a bold, clean design that is setup to work with quickly. It’s simple design, clear infographics, and multipurpose layouts, are great for successful companies to make use of.

Choose one that has a current design, with easy to edit professional setup, and a style that fits your company’s brand best.

5. Add a Bold Interesting Cover Design

To get your audience to open up your annual report, you need a striking annual report cover design. In addition to the first few pages of your report, your cover helps set the tone of the material and expectations readers will have.

There are a few options to follow to make your cover more engaging, like using bold colors, dynamic shapes, or compelling images.

Think visually, what image or design captures the story that your annual report is designed around? Is there a compelling metaphor or visual that fits your message best—whether that’s an image of your customers or an illustration of financial growth?

Also, be sure to make your title text stands out so it resonates with your readers. Here is an energetic cover design example that has both bold text and dynamic design, from the Creative annual report InDesign template:

Creative annual report template cover color design options
Creative annual report cover design with multiple color choices.

Work With a Great InDesign Annual Report Design Template!

It’s important to showcase this year’s results memorably and set the tone going into the next fiscal year.

When it’s time to make your annual report, you need it to have a great design—one that tells your company’s key narrative, highlights your accomplishments, and does so in a visually captivating way that appeals to all your clients and shareholders.

You’ll save a ton of time and get a great result by using one of our modern, professional and impressive Indesign annual report templates to showcase year-end reports in style

Grab one of these print design templates featured in this article, or browse through awesome options from Envato Elements or Envato Market, for more annual report design inspiration. Find just the right one that fits your company best (for 2018/2019).